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Aloha forum,

Medical retention & LOD cheat sheet of responsibilities (it follows the DoDI...good 4 all branches).

This document shows the guidance that "should" be followed to care for currently serving service members.
It is focused primarily on ARC Forces (reserve and guard) however it is beneficial for all.
It is Air Force centric but since all guidance comes from title 10/DoDI's this should help all service members.

This is a cheat sheet that I had made for myself after months of experiencing lots of finger-pointing. I have gone my career not realizing that others do their job without reading their own AFI's, DODI's and Title 10 laws governing their jobs. This is my way of making sense of the AF side of it.

The tough part is to encourage people to actually follow these regulations :)
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@Hawaii5-0 - Thank you so much for posting this. Your effort & time are greatly appreciated!!
Lots of great information, everything is broken down by paragraph with parent AFI. Thanks for putting this together.
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