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    Army Reserve "Uncharacterized" DD214 Separation and lack of benefits

    Sorry to bother the team, I need some advice. I had a tough case come across my desk and it is not in my arena of expertise. I have a RESERVE COMPONENT soldier that was injured during Annual Training (years ago) and while applying for Massachusetts state Veterans benefits, we discovered that...
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    Ratings in Help Needed

    Sorry to bother the team. One of my SM's rating are in: 30% Army 70% VA. Here is my question: the SM received his 199 last week, 20% back and 10% neck were considered unfitting. BUT the SM has bilateral lower extremity radiculopathy rated at 20% per leg, which was considered fitting. I...
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    199 Timelines

    I have never seen a tread for 199 timlines. I wanted to see if we could get something going to track these timelines. My ratings have been complete since September 5th. i have been told that my 199 his in a final stage and just needs signatures. i am just disappointed because i was told...
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    V code issues help needed

    I had a question for the team. One of my SMs IPEB was completed at 20%, their V4 code for their condition is V4-NO. Their condition happened in the line of duty in Afghanistan while working as an 88H. I am concerned because with a V4-No the SM will have to pay the VA offset until the original...
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    Where is the Seattle Timeline Tread

    I was just wondering where the Seattle Timeline tread went? is it my imagination or has it been deleted.
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    who cuts your final order for the Reserve Component

    I had a quick question. When i sing my 199 accepting my ratings, orders will be cut putting me out. Do we know if my local S1 shop at the BN level needs initiate the order. Or does the PEBLO initiate the order directly throught HRC. any information would be appreciated.
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    figuring out PTSD Rating

    i wanted to find out how PTSD is rated? So many other conditions are easy. The rating for PTSD has so many variables that i do not understand. Below are the different criteria. My question is: What happens if you have some criteria that are in the different % areas. For example, I have a...
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    Time Sensitive: IMR vs NARSUM Rebuttal

    Sorry to wait to the last second on this question. i was preparing an MEB NARSUM rebuttal to try to sway the MEB in changing a condition. i was wondering if that attempt failed could i still request and IPR? Any input would be appreciated
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    NARSUM in Help Needed

    Everyone thanks for all of your help. I have received my NARSUM yesterday and i am confused. Five of my conditions were rated as "not meeting retention standards". I thought that the PEB would tell me what does not meed retention standards? Moreover if the MEB finds my conditions as not...
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    is a 50% PTSD Rating automatically unfitting

    I needed some advice- i am in the MEB process and had my PTSD evaluation this week. I believe that my PTSD rating will come back at 50% or higher. Is a PTSD rating of 50% or higher automatically considered unfitting? Thanks Green
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    LODS: what should i give to the MEB

    I got a call today that my MEB packet is about to be compiled. They were asking me for my LODs. i have a bunch of them when i was injured including tinnitus, hypertension and a few other minor things. The VA recently completed my ratings and they were very high for a lumbar and radiculopathy...
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    LOD and VA Ratings

    I am in the process of starting an MEB and was told that I need more specific LODs. They have been created by my CoC and are currently at Brigade. I got a call the other day telling me that my LODs need more documentation. That my diagnosis from a VA Doctor, and a sampling of notes were not...
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    Commanders letter Feedback

    ALCON- i have posted a potential draft of my commander's letter (i am not worried about spelling and grammer at this time), i was hoping to get some feedback. i am concerned becasue my evals are above average and my physical performance is never noted in them. Any advise would be grealty...
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    Profiles low balling (reserve component)

    I have concerns that profiles are being low balled, i would like to think that it is due to inexperience (not on purpose). i received a temp profile of 123113 for my PHA. I was asked to submit documentation that is within the last 18 months to support the profile. i complied , then was told that...
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    NAVY Reserves: Put out with 16 years due to non duty injury

    I had a quick question, one of my friends was not allowed to Re-Enlist in 2008 after 16 years in the Navy due to a non duty related knee injury. Is there any type of board that she could pursue that would allow her the 15 medical retirement and did the 15 year medical retirement exist in 2008...
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    Promotion to MAJ does this hurt me at the MEB/PEB/ Army Reserve

    I had a quick question, everything is coming to a head. I was injured over a year ago and took the 1 year allotted to try to recover. It will be unlikely that I will recover, the VA has rated me 90% and my next PHA is due in Aug. Once the PHA come around it is likely to trigger a MEB. My...
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    VA Disability Rating Sheets

    Sorry to bother the team, I am looking for a link to the VA disability rating sheets (not the VSRD) that the doctor uses to ask you questions regarding your disability. I have seen them in the past in Word Document format and they have very detailed questions. If anyone could provide me a link...
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    MEB and the IRR (Reserve/NG)

    I am thinking of transfering into the IRR, is there any way of going through an MEB Process while you are in the IRR?
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    Ratings are in

    it has been a crazy ride, instead of putting in for INCAP i decided to put in for VA Comp, 8 months later i have the results. 40% Lumbar DDD 30% cervical DDD 50% PTSD Radiculapathy- deferred pending more medical evidence TBI- 10%-(should have been 40%) the issue was that i did not warrant a...
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    Officer MED with over maximum allowable TIG (USAR)

    i could use a little help from the team. i have an Army Reserve officer who i feel needs to go to an MEB. she will not get promoted due to her failure to complete for ILE and she will meet her maximum allowable TIG for her rank and will be retired this April (not to be confused with her MRD...
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