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    Severance Pay Tax Return Question

    I am wondering if anyone has received their severance pay tax back during the same calendar year they received it. I have the sample cover letters of what I need to FAX DFAS. Every time I try and fax the documents they are requesting, it says it’s a bad fax #.The number I have is 317-275-0248...
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    1st VA claim not having all proposed claims on it.

    Recently logged into and was checking on my claim. I got my proposed va ratings back in July. On my VA claim that just posted 1 day after my separation day, there is only 1 claim instead of 11 I had on my proposed rating sheet. Can someone maybe tell me what might be going on. I did all...
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    Va Award letter & Compensation Question

    My terminal/separation date was 17OCT18. I am trying to understand and get some advice when I should expect my VA award letter and benefits. My DD214 has been uploaded to my ebenifits account since August of 2018. Any information anyone has it would truly be appreciated! Thank you!
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    IDES Question

    Hello, so my Orthopedic surgeon recommended me for a MEB. My question is, what are the chances that the IDES provider will approve or disapprove my P3 profile to say I am fit or unfit? My provider who is a COL told me today that "I shouldn't be worried about it getting approved because the...
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