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    Army Reserve "Uncharacterized" DD214 Separation and lack of benefits

    Gsfowler- thanks for the response..this type of discharge was normal for reserve and NG in the 1990's , I actually have one myself and I went back to my reserve unit after basic and AIT and completed 20 straight years (luckily I have a DD214 from other active duty time) has something to do...
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    Army Reserve "Uncharacterized" DD214 Separation and lack of benefits

    Sorry to bother the team, I need some advice. I had a tough case come across my desk and it is not in my arena of expertise. I have a RESERVE COMPONENT soldier that was injured during Annual Training (years ago) and while applying for Massachusetts state Veterans benefits, we discovered that...
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    What you think

    I was wondering if anyone knows or could point me in the direction of the regulation which will tell me what the standard is to find Radiculopathy unfitting. Thanks in advance
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    6 month eval on mental conditions with VA

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced the following. I just got my retirement order in December (PDRL). Now, I have just received a notice from the VA, they are reevaluation almost all of my conditions. I am quite annoyed, some of my conditions have been rated for at least 8 year and the...
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    Ratings in Help Needed

    Sorry to bother the team. One of my SM's rating are in: 30% Army 70% VA. Here is my question: the SM received his 199 last week, 20% back and 10% neck were considered unfitting. BUT the SM has bilateral lower extremity radiculopathy rated at 20% per leg, which was considered fitting. I...
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    Unfit memo

    what did you NARSUM recommend for the Radiculopathy?
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    199 Timelines

    thanks for the reply. i got a call from the PEBLO today and my 199 is in. i will be signing it on Moday 70/100, it took almost 7 weeks. The crazy thing is that it was singed almost 10 days ago.
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    199 Timelines

    I have never seen a tread for 199 timlines. I wanted to see if we could get something going to track these timelines. My ratings have been complete since September 5th. i have been told that my 199 his in a final stage and just needs signatures. i am just disappointed because i was told...
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    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    Thanks for the information. The wait has been very difficult for me. i am at 4 weeks and counting for the 199. it has been a frustrating process. i will keep u posted
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    stupid severance question

    you need to check the V codes that will be on your PEB Unfit letter regarding your condition. example: Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease (MEB Dx 1). (V1-No; V3-No; V4-Yes) This will tell you if your condition is tax free and if they will reduce your compensation. you want to have a Yes in any...
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    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    I believe that the 199 comes from the PEB (definately not the VA) personally i believe on average we are seeing 2.5 to 4 weeks. i do recognize that others have taken much longer.
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    Got my findnigs don't know what to do? please advice

    are you on the PDRL or the TDRL? if PDRL you are at almost the top rating of 75%. if you are on the TDRL i believe Jason posted on a tread earlier this week that states that you could get the condition re-evaluated. either way i think that you are in good shape.
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    Will I get a DD214 if medically retired (reserves)

    Drilling reservist do not get a DD214. i believe all you get is your retirement order from HRC.
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    commanders statement

    when i went through the initial process i met with a doctor who filled out the first page of a VA from 21-0819. He listed the conditions that were to be looked at for fitness purposes (in your case the back, your P3 in L). i listed all other conditions that i felt could be unfitting on page 2...
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    commanders statement

    I am confused about your statement, you mentioned that the statement started off well and good about your back. did you talk about how the problem effects your job? did you address other symptoms like radiculopathy? do you also suffer from PTSD and/or TBI? do you want to be retained...
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    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

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    Seattle Regional VA Timelines:

    help needed, my Ebenefits changed today, it states multiple things: : "Claim Reviewed" and another line "under review" as of today! it gives 2 months to complete. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance
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    V code issues help needed

    I had a question for the team. One of my SMs IPEB was completed at 20%, their V4 code for their condition is V4-NO. Their condition happened in the line of duty in Afghanistan while working as an 88H. I am concerned because with a V4-No the SM will have to pay the VA offset until the original...
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