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    Do Disability Severance Pay and Final Pay always come together?

    I'm asking because I received my severance pay a couple weeks ago, but I'm still waiting for my final paycheck (13 days) and 10 days of leave that I sold back. I separated on 28 June, and my first LES after that was in "status det" and "hold pay" indicating they were doing a final audit...
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    Does Officer Candidate School time count towards severance pay calculation?

    I've found a couple threads discussing the particulars of service academy and ROTC time re: severance pay, but those didn't seem to address Officer Candidate School specifically. I went through ~12 weeks of OCS as my entry point in to the Navy in 2011. I had no prior service, did not attend a...
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    Navy Timeline - Washington Navy Yard

    Here's my timeline for anyone who's interested. I work at CNIC HQ, Washington Navy Yard. Nov 2018 - Command received message re: unfit for duty and referral to Med Board. The message was predicated on my enrollment as a Wounded Warrior, history of Stage 4 cancer and related medical issues...
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    Sanity check - accepting severance or request FPEB

    Hi all, I think I've reached a good decision to accept my IPEB findings, but wanted some feedback. I am using my legal/VA/wounded warrior resources as well. BLUF: I'm a Navy O3 with 9 years of service. I had stage 3 and then stage 4 melanoma, now in remission for >6 months, have a bunch of...
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