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    Need help deciphering this garbage

    So, I haven't been back here in a very long time, but I am almost to the one year mark of my retirement and have run into a few issues with the VA. First: Dependents. I had them while I was active duty, they were reported as part of my MEB/PEB to the VA, I had to turn in the form 2 more...
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    Last Question

    I final out on the 27th. Not taking any terminal leave, and wont have more than a couple days sold back. I know that my last check will be withheld, Question is, will I still get paid on the 15th? Put me in a bit of a panic, and I will be calling in the morning to find out for certain, but...
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    Have Orders Will I get Travel Pay?

    Orders say I am authorised dependants, so I know I should get mileage at .23/mi, but what about meals an lodging allowances? There is me, my wife and three children. Obviously I should, but cant seem to find an answer. They will hold my last check, so how else could I be expected to get a car...
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    I'm DONE!!!

    And here it is ladies and gents. I'm done. I have not posted much here, but this place has been a wealth of knowledge, and putting the pieces together that I have gathered here has accelerated my process by leaps and bounds. So thanks to anybody's brain I've picked. Dont give up...
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    Where am I?

    So I was told Friday that I had been deemed adequate for rating and that my case is now with the RSVR for rating. That sounds like someone has it and they are working up the rating. Opinions?
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    If this is true it's ridiculous VA Rating time

    So, another soldier that is about in the same place I am (waiting for ratings) was informed by our Platoon SGT, that it was just briefed that we would be waiting 18-22 months for the ratings, because of the back log. Can anyone tell me if there is any truth to this? Or if anyone has heard...
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    Need Advice

    So any advice anyone could offer would be awesome. Injured in Afghanistan, April of this year. L5-S1 herniated, torn, L3-L4 bulging, L2-L3 bulging, and all three are degenerated. Also C5-C6 Herniated and leaning on my spinal cord. Needless to say I'm in just a little pain. MEB has been...
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