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    Anyone have a good example of a SecAF rebuttal letter?

    Looking some examples to promote ideas. Thanks.
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    At Randolph now... Formal board tomorrow

    Two lawyers have advised me not to testify so that I don't lose any ratings as they feel that it's unlikely that I'll be found fit here and that the ultimate goal is to get 11 more months so that I hit 20. So I'll be doing an unsworn testimonial tomorrow morning.
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    How long are C&P exams good for?

    I took mine last April and my IPEB paperwork wasn't sent to the board until 31 May of this year.
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    Any ideas on how to slow an MEB down after IPEB?

    Need to get to 11 AUG 19 to hit 20. I'm aware of my appeals up to the SecAF. Can my local clinic help slow it at all?
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    Any high-3 calculators out there?

    I've been offered 80% DOD disability and 90% VA, but I can't find a good high three calculator. I just put on E-8 on June 1st. Been an E-7 the rest of the 36 months. I'll hit 19 years in August.
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    Looking for some math guidance: IPEB 80%/90%

    OK, so I'm an E-8 (1 JUN 18 DOR) in the Air Force and will hit 19 years on 11 Aug. I'm going through an MEB for RA and was told today that I'll receive 80% DOD and 90% VA with permanent retirement after the IPEB. From what I can gather, that'll be about $3313 a month with $2280 being VA tax...
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    MEB Timeline - Moody AFB

    Getting MEB'd for rheumatoid arthritis. 18.5 yrs in currently. - notified of MEB in Nov 16 - IRILO recommended to return to duty/AFPC rejected and stated I would need a full PEB- Mar 17 - C&P exams - Apr 17 - PEBLO had 618 ready to go on 4 Aug. I was leaving for a TDY, told them to call me...
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    Pending Decision Approval question

    I've searched around here quite a bit and can't find a definitive answer if there is one. If you hit "Pending Decision Approval", does that mean that you were certainly found unfit or is there still a chance that I'll be found fit. I'm at 18.5 years and I'm trying to stay in.
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