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    What happens when removed from TDRL?

    I go in next month to be reevaluated for the TDRL and I’m curious what happens if your removed? If so does that affect VA ratings?
  2. J

    Randolph Re eval

    When I was put on the TDRL I was told if I move to report my new adress to Randolph. I wasn’t expecting to get divorced and now can’t find a phone number or address to send my info. Does anyone know where to find this?
  3. J

    What happens if you get cancer diagnosis during MEB proccess?

    I just got my ratings today VA-80% AF-50%, I haven't signed for one yet. I also just got back from my PCM because ive been having really bad pain around my kidneys as well as some other symptoms. My ETS hasn't been established yet but timeline is next 8-10 weeks. My PCM got me a CT appointment...
  4. J

    HELP! Thyroid cancer demotion

    Looking for help. My wife just received word she is getting demoted do to PT failures. Specifically AC measurement. Last July my wife had surgery to remove her thyroid after it was discovered she had a papillary carcinoma. After the surgery she gained weight aince they were trying to figure out...
  5. J

    Rating system

    I need help understanding how this works, for the VA in order to be medically retired you need 30%? What happens if you don't get 30%? Do I still get discharged? Do I still get my GI bill/ 9/11 bill? A little back story, I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder-depression type. Any help...
  6. J

    PT Failure Thyroid cancer/ Possible Cushings disease

    My wife an E4 in the Air Force was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer which resulted with the removal of they her thyroid, she continued to gain weight. They tested for Cushings disease and we are still waiting for results but she had to take a PT test and failed the AC measurement. Now...
  7. J

    Thyroid Cancer

    My wife was diagnosed with a papillary carcinoma of the thyroid late febuary, no family history. In july she had a total thyroidectomy to be rid of the cancer and has since recovered but for the rest of her life she will be dependant on a synthetic thryoid medication. She just started the med...
  8. J

    PTSD before the service

    Before I joined I was a firefighter and EMT, naturally I saw some shit that still haunts me. I work in the Operating room and a daily occurrence is using electo cautery to burn vessels to control bleeding. The smell always reminds me of my past and causes me to delay in work. Im currently...
  9. J

    schizoaffective disorder in E3.

    Im currently an E3 in the Air Force, recently diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. I joined 20 JAN 15 which means im just shy of my 2 year mark. I was told they want to start me on meds that would require they start the med board process. Honestly im freaking out, because im only 2 years in...
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