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    Medical Retirement, Payment, etc.

    So I got my Ratings yesterday. 50% DoD and 80% VA. I got the paperwork saying how much I'll be paid by the VA, but will I get anything from the DoD side? It's all confusing. My IPEB came back with Permanent Retirement so I'm not sure how it works. Do I still get severance pay? Thanks in advance.
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    Clueless, need help.

    Hello all! So I have a timeline (sort of) of everything so far but I need some clarification. First, here's my "timeline" 12/11/2019- Psychiatrist helps fill out NARSUM 12/16/2019- PEBLO notified me about my code 37 12/18/2019- CC Reccomendation signed and submitted 1/10/2020- Case reviewed by...
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    Bipolar Diagnosis Rating

    I have been diagnosed with Anxiety, OCD, and BP II. I just did my NARSUM two weeks ago and Mental Health submitted everything last Thursday. Anyone go through something similar? If so, could you share timeline/ratings you were given? Thanks in advance.
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    MEB For Required Medications due to Cyclothymia

    So, I was diagnosed with cyclothymia (Bipolar Type 2’s little brother) and was put on Lamictal. The Psychiatrist who is a Major told me that I’d be put through a MEB because you cannot be on those meds and on Active Duty. She said I would get medical retirement because of that, did she mean...
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    MEB Eligibility

    Hello all, THe talk of MEB has been in the air for me for awhile. I was diagnosed with anxiety and then Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD,) then Cyclothymia (Bipolar type II's little brother) and now my DDD diagnosis has been changed to SI Joint pain and issues by an off base ortho. I am...
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