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    CRSC, VA waiver

    Greetings, BLUF: Letter from CRSC application; Subject: Army CRSC Ineligible Letter (Claim#....): Dear Retired Soldier: This letter is in response to your correspondence dated November .. 2015, regarding your claim for Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC). We reviewed your...
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    CRSC, DA199, 20 year Letter, 100 Percent

    Greetings, DA199: V1/V3-Yes. THE BOARD FINDS THE SOLDIER IS PHYSICALLY UNFIT AND RECOMMENDS A RATING OF 100% AND THAT THE SOLDIERS DISPOSITION BE PERMANENT DISABILITY RETIREMENT. Signed by the Presiding officer of the PEB, PEBLO, and Myself. I have sent it back to PEBLO, and he is sending it...
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    MEB, ARNG, PTSD, Behavioral Health, LOD

    I was in Afghanistan a few years ago. I am rated 100 P & T through VA. I am a current member of the Army Guard. Over 20 years. Technician. I don't get paid for drills anymore, and I don't attend drills. I'm marked as a Medical. Profile says I don't need to be around important and dangerous...
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