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    Madigan PEB turn around

    I'm in the Pilot Program here at Ft. Lewis via Madigan Army Hospital. My NARSUM has been with the PEB for 4 weeks now. Whats the turn around time with the Madigan PEB for a fit/unfit decission. I know if unfit it goes over to the VA for disability compensation. But how long is this taking for...
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    Phone meeting with Provider for NARSUM

    I just heard back from my tech regarding my appointment with my provider to incorporate the exam results from the VA into the NARSUM. That’s great news. Now the only appointment i can get with my provider is a phone call 3 1/2 weeks from now. OK.. if it isn’t important enough for me to...
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    QTC Medical

    Who here has had there va exams with this company? And how long did it take for the exam results to get to the MEB? I'm going on 30 days and i've gotten nothing. This is slowing my stuff down. Additionally, going through the pilot program were told that this process is only to take no more...
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    MEB/Ft Lewis

    I just got my P3 profile which automatically triggers a MEB. I was told by my Dr that i will be contacted by Madigan Army Hospital within 30 days to start the process. Has anyone here had any experience with Madigan? How long did it take for them to contact you? Via phone, e-mail or through the...
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    P2 Profile: Grounds for MEB?

    Well i just came back from my follow up with my provider. My methacholine challenge came back positive for Asthma and now i am on Fluticasone (Oral Steroid) as well as my Albuterol. My physician is in the process of typing up my P2 profile. He said that according to AR 40-501 only P3 profiles...
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