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    PEB final finally

    Ok so my timeline goes like this Injured Nov 2009 Limited Duty start Feb 2010 Surgery 1 March 2010 Surgery 2 Dec 2010 MEB started March 2011 MEB sent to PEB June 2011 IPEB findings come back Oct 6, 2011 10% DOD 80% VA Submitted for Formal PEB Oct 17, 2011 Formal PEB date set at...
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    Pay Help?

    Yes that would be 60% but only 2 of those are unfitting conditions, 30% and 10%. The other 30% and 10% aren't unfitting but are from combat.
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    Convalescent Leave for TLIF spinal fusion

    I had a 2 level fusion, L4 to S1. I got 120 days of con leave but was in pain up until about 9 months after the surgery. I started my MEB in March 2010 and got my findings back Oct 2010. Requested a formal and that was Dec 15, 2010. Now just waiting for the VA to do a reconsideration. All...
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    Pay Help?

    I have received my findings and all my ratings just trying to figure out how the pay will work out. I am receiving 40% DOD TDRL and 80% from VA. I have tried figuring it out but i don't know the correct method. Would it be 40% of my base pay for DOD and then 80% from VA, or would it be 40% from...
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    Is it possible?

    I am wondering if it is possible to be put in WW. I am 8 months past my EAS, basically no help to my unit and awaiting a FPEB. I tried getting put in WW before I started my MEB but the navy doc made that not possible. He told me to wait until they decide if I was going to be put on a PEB and...
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    New Air Force Form allows reconsideration of rating without need to appeal to PEB

    Do you know if the Marine Corps has anything like that?
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    Appealed for FPEB...found UNFIT-My Navy Timeline (Pilot Program)

    So if you get a severance check and it's combat related you still get your VA check without having to pay back the sev check?
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    New Air Force Asthma MEB (flyer)

    yea, I'm not sure the whole situation but I know right before his retirement date he admitted to a few of us that he faked it.
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    New Air Force Asthma MEB (flyer)

    I knew a guy that got out in April 2011. He faked asthma, smoked before he joined and continued to smoke after, never had an attack while at work, never used an inhaler or took any medications, but somehow he was medically retired at 70%.
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    My timeline, Active duty Marine Corps. February 20, 2008 - injured my back Aug 24, 2008 - first Limited duty period, started physical therapy Jan 10, 2009 - put back to full duty, extended contract to deploy Nov 10, 2009 - injured back again while deployed March 11, 2010 - Limited duty...
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    Formal PEB question

    How much does having letters from peers, supervisors, etc.. help in a case? I'm waiting on my date for the formal. Trying to get more documentation from doctors, and get letters from people in my chain of command.
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    PEB results in!!!

    My unfit condition was Degenerative Disc Disease with L4-S1 fusion, they only gave me 10% for it.
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    PEB results in!!!

    I'm happy for you. My case was sent to PEB on June 2, 2011 and I was found unfit and it was sent to VA June 28, 2011. I finally received my findings on Oct 6, 2011. But in my case I had to redo a VA appointment so it shouldn't take that long for you depending on if you have alot of things to...
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    IPEB offered 40% PR for acute DVT's, thinking of going to the FPEB. Thoughts?

    I am appealing and going for the formal board. Anyone have any advice? I know I will have a strong case after I meet with all of my docs again and get a little more documentation.
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    Need advice/help ASAP please

    ok thanks, I just got a new ROM from my surgeon. He is a civilian so hopefully that will still help. Also I am going to see a lawyer tomorrow. I will post an update once I get more info.
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    Need advice/help ASAP please

    I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice. I just got my findings back last week, I have to make a decision by Monday so time is limited. DOD is saying 10% for DDD and spine fusion, VA is at 80% for everything claimed. I noticed in the paper work that the ROM they used was before I had my...
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    PEB decision

    Also, how does the Convalescent Ratings from VA work? I don't understand the wording. Does convalescent leave count as incapacitating episode? I have had 178 days of Con leave, 43 days for my first surgery, a microdiskectomy and then 10 days for being in so much pain after I had a re-rupture...
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    PEB decision

    I just got my findings back yesterday-6 Oct 2011. Timeline was injured Nov 10, 2009. Was on Light duty 3 months and started 1st Limdu March 2010, Started 2nd Limdu Sept 2010, Started Meb and 3rd Limdu March 2011. My EAS was Feb 2010. MEB packet was signed and sent to DC on June 2, 2011. June...
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