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  1. jahlon

    Recent VARR Turn-Time

    Happy Friday Morning! I was wondering if anyone else has gone through the VARR recently? I was told by the OAC that its about a 3-6 week turn time right now, but then I see in some of your signatures that its a 4 month turn time. Just looking for anyone who's had to do a VARR recently.
  2. jahlon

    OAC (Office of Airman's Counsel) - Recently used?

    Has anyone recently used the OAC? I got in touch with someone on Monday, and I got told that my attorney hasn't even PCS'd in yet. Little worrisome about that given that my 10 days for my VARR expiries on Monday and I'll have to either get an extension or submit what I've already created. Was...
  3. jahlon

    Chronic Adjustment Disorder; with mixed emotions (anxiety, depression) & suicidal ideation

    A little background on my situation. I'm new to these forums, but I've been lurking for a long time reading. It took me until now to be able to open up to what's happening with me (even to nameless strangers on the internet) I'm an AD O-3 with 15 years total time in service, 10 years active...
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