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  1. pittpan2005

    VA TBI New Examination Letter (malpractice)

    Good Afternoon All, With permission of Jason Perry, I wanted to publish this sample one page memo a veteran recently received regarding the VA allowing veterans to be evaluated for TBI by examiners without appropriate training. Anyone who received this letter, please contact me. We are...
  2. pittpan2005

    Social Security Administration (SSA) 2017 Wounded Warrior Publication

    Many active duty service members ask questions about applying for SSDI while on active duty. Many are ill informed, often by well intentioned people, that they are ineligible to receive SSDI benefits simply because they are receiving military compensation or on active duty. Attached is the most...
  3. pittpan2005

    DoD Issues New Memorandum about Discharge Upgrades

    This may significantly help with discharge upgrades.
  4. pittpan2005

    Immediate Halt to Navy and Marine Admin Separations with PTSD/TBI
  5. pittpan2005

    Legislative Initiative for Oregon Veterans

    Currently, a Representative from the Oregon Legislature is building a committee of veterans, physicians, ODVA reps, and other administrators to streamline the VA Choice program across rural Oregon. My classmate/co-worker and I have been asked to work on this project (we are interning with the...
  6. pittpan2005

    Changes to VA Claims Processing Effective March 24, 2015

    *This is changing!! 38 C.F.R. § 3.155 § 3.155 Informal claims. Currentness <Text of section effective until March 24, 2015.> (a) Any communication or action, indicating an intent to apply for one or more benefits under the laws administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs, from a...
  7. pittpan2005

    3 Bedroom and 2 Bath house available for Wounded Warriors

    If anyone is in need of accommodations while they figure out where their path takes them please let me know. I have a 3/2 1100sq/ft house in Pensacola, FL available in October if someone needs a place to transition from. I am not promising anything in regards to moving expenses or utilities, but...
  8. pittpan2005

    POW-MIA Memorial Being Erected...looking for ideas and support

    Good Morning/Evening All, My brother is a program director for a 501(c) in Pennsylvania. They just received approval to construct a 12 story high POW-MIA memorial. What they currently need is support in a few ways: spreading the word about the dedication running from September 20-22, financial...
  9. pittpan2005

    Elect Length of Service Retirement or Chapter 61?

    Good Evening All, I was wondering if anyone has come across this situation: SM with 20+ years of active duty went through the IDES and is to be placed on TDRL. Can SM elect length of service (LOS) retirement over chapter 61 even though medical retirement is more advantageous? And if they can, is...
  10. pittpan2005

    Congressional Jobs for Wounded Warriors
  11. pittpan2005

    Petition for VA fee-basis care (proper medical care)

    Good Evening All, Below is a petition I started after a friend of mine, an Army Vet, died at 29 years old due to not receiving appropriate medical care. Many of us hear of these horror stories, but this one impacted me and I can't sit by and "hope" it doesn't happen to others. If interested...
  12. pittpan2005

    2011 IG Report (100% Temp Disability)

    I haven't seen an IG update specifically directed at the temporary 100% VA ratings since this report in 2011. It makes me wonder if anything has and/or will change. *It may be a boring read, but quite informative in my opinion.
  13. pittpan2005

    Service Dogs Training Available

    As many of you may know or will soon find out there are many great organizations available for assisting with training service animals. If you decide you'd like to train the animal yourself (except for a short time here with the trainer one on one), there is a local Marine Vet who is willing...
  14. pittpan2005

    Anyone Near Pensacola/Eglin? Job for a few days...

    Good Evening/Morning All, If anyone is interested in working for a few days in February let me know. I have two homes that need light renovations: floors to drop, doors to replace, paint, etc. and would rather pay someone to assist me who may need time away from the daily grind of the PEB life...
  15. pittpan2005

    NARSUM Doctor also Senior MEB Board Member

    Is there any instruction that prevents the same doctor who completes your Narrative/NARSUM from sitting on your MEB? Seems like a potential problem if the doctor writing your Narrative is also the Senior Board Member.
  16. pittpan2005

    Service Dog Information

    Good Evening Everyone, I know over the last few months people have posted links to various organizations about service animals. I spoke with a local trainer here in Florida today, he helped me train one of my dogs(not for anything medically related), and we had discussed the laws and regulations...
  17. pittpan2005

    Eight Year Rule Question

    Often people post about the 8 year rule when trying to decide whether a medical condition can be said to be "prior to service," or not "service connected." Does the current law read 6 months, with the below added "compelling evidence clause," or has it gone back to the previous 8 year rule? 1...
  18. pittpan2005

    Disability Evaluation System Survey

    Good Day Everyone, I am reaching out to a few contacts and looking for feedback to present to them. Overall I feel the PEB process, as many others can attest to, contains some flaws. I believe the IDES process is a step in the right direction, but I am concerned about the lack of feedback...
  19. pittpan2005

    Legislation for 112th Congress

    Good Afternoon All, I will be posting some current Bills that pertain to active duty service members, Veterans and family members. Feel free to update with others you find.
  20. pittpan2005

    Navy/Marine TDRL Re-Eval Process

    Good Afternoon Everyone, I will update this thread as the process continues, but wanted to have info posted showing the TDRL re-evaluation process under Legacy with the Naval PEB. 1. HQMC sent orders for TDRL re-evaluation at about the 15 month mark. The orders stated I would report to a...
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