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    Received First DOD Retiree Check based on IPEB retirement action

    All, just an update as the process culminates. Separation PDRL order 60% on 31DEC2018 with effective 1JAN2019. Was able to get retiree card (which is an important step for DEERS) and Tricare Prime coverage around mid January 2019 with retro coverage back to 1JAN19. Contacted DFAS a couple of...
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    TFSC says, therefore the member is not eligible to receive a retirement DD 214

    All, So, my IDES LOD from 2010 and reoccurrence in 2015, is complete and I have a DOD 60% rating and retirement orders effective 31DEC18. I am Air National Guard and in drill status since coming off MEDCON orders in JUL2012. Today (19DEC18) I get the email listed below. Not sure what it means...
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    PDRL Retirement Order Published for 31DEC2018

    All, This forum is filled with great information. If you cannot find the information, then the people on here will help, assist and educate. What a great resource as we stubble our way through this process. I hope to stay engaged with the forum even after my retirement date of 31DEC18. My...
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    AF Form 356 and block 10.E.

    All, I am a stickler for details and I just don't like that this Block indicates that my illness DISABILITY WAS NOT INCURRED IN A COMBAT ZONE. I have a 60% DOD PDRL and 70% VACP rating, so why is this one little block concerning me so much? I have until COB on 9NOV to decide to appeal or...
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    PEBLO Notification 60% DoD/PDRL/70%VA - 6 days to respond

    I received the call and information today and although happy with the results, I do have some questions and concerns on the technical side. Illness was incurred during 6 month Air Force ( I am Air National Guard) deployment to Al Udied AB Qatar. Was air evacuated to LRMC 6 MAY2010 for syncope...
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    LOD IDES VA case closed today 30OCT18

    My pervious conditions that were rated 8MAR2016 were sustained, yet my request for increases on a couple of conditions were denied. One condition has new verbiage on eBenefits as listed below: pulmonary embolism (referred as Recurrent Pulmonary Embolism Requiring Lifelong Anticoagulation)...
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    Should I file for CRSC?

    All, Facts as I know them today 29OCT2018. I have a 70% VACP rating, married with two dependent children (5 yrs old). Though the IPEB LOD unfit process VA continued PE 60%, DVT (left) 10%, DVT (right) 10%, Hernia 0%, hypertension 0%. I am waiting for my DOD Air Force rating from IPEB. The...
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    PEBLO sent the MEB and Narritive - 9AUG18 I have 5 days to respond

    Not sure I like the verbiage on the MEB because it list only "Left DVT" as the discontinuing LOD condition (SEP2010). Where as my history is syncope (air evacuated to LRMC May 2010 but no diagnosis after 10 days), DVT left leg while on Title 10 orders (Sep2010), PE (July 2011) where I was put...
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    Starting IPEB for acute PE and DVTs LOD in a combat zone (Qatar 2010) - 70%VACP. Permanent Retirement or not?

    All, I have been reading your forum for about a year now. I appreciate the information and the kinship in helping others. History: ANG technician activated for Title 10 tour with Air Force in Feb 2010. Syncope event 9April10 and air evac’d to LRMC Germany on 5MAY10. Spent 10 days at LRMC and...
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