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  1. bobcollier100

    HR 333 that provides Comprehensive Concurrent Receipt

    Support HR 333 that provides Comprehensive Concurrent Receipt Support Comprehensive Concurrent Receipt Rep. Sanford Bishop (Ga.) has introduced the "Disabled Veterans Tax Termination Act” (H.R. 333) that provides comprehensive concurrent receipt legislation that extends eligibility for chapter...
  2. bobcollier100

    PEB 30% PERM / VA 90%,

    IPEB 30% PERM / VA 90%, USAF TIME LINE October 2011 - October 2012. :D Thanks to the information from this site, done.
  3. bobcollier100

    PEB 30% PDRL

    PEB 30% PERM / VA 90%, USAF TIME LINE October 2011 - October 2012. :D
  4. bobcollier100

    VA RATED ME AT 90%, BUT.....

    I’m in the IDES system; the VA has not only rated me at 90%, but has already paid me? I thought I would have to meet with my PEBLO first? I guess I thought I would be informed about the military and the VA at the same time and not separate, is this normal? My main thought was how would I wright...
  5. bobcollier100


    I’m in the IDES system, and was wondering I have 14.4 years active with over 16 good years from the guard, now if I’m offered let’s say 30 percent from the DoD and 90 percent from the VA will I be able to just take the 15 year retirement in lieu of the 30 percent the DoD offered? Also if I...
  6. bobcollier100

    AGR title 32, MEDCON / INCAP

    Have all my LOD's about 20 something things wrong with me,waiting on Tinker for my NARSUM/ will be IDES, was told that on 28 MAR 2012 the title 32 orders I'm on would not be extended for me by the wing commander. He told me to see about MEDCON orders, LTCol medical group told me by email today...
  7. bobcollier100

    MEB, Active Duty and Traditional Guard Time?

    I have a MEB next July and my orders will most likely be ending on 30 Sep 11, my Traditional Guard ETS is 28 Mar 11. My question is do they normally keep people at least in the guard while pending the MEB? And what are they suppose to do? Thanks for any help, bob.
  8. bobcollier100

    What if they do end my orders in Sep?

    I'm getting ready for them to end my orders (AGR) in Sep (2011), if this happens.... Will I still have to go to the MEB next summer or does that just end it all? My traditional ETS (Guard) is 28 Mar 2012, and what kind of discharge would I get? Thanking you in advance for any help you can give...
  9. bobcollier100

    MEB Question

    My two year AGR title 32 504 (f) orders are due to expire on 30 Sep 2011, I have too many ailments to mention and an LOD and have been referred to an MEB and have already met with my PEBLO. But I recently was given permission to get neck surgery for an anterior cervical discectomy with...
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