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    Leukemia within 1 yr of separation

    Hey everyone- a buddy of mine got diagnosed with Leukemia within 6 months of being separated from the AF. I know the VA will rate him (since its on their Presumptive List) but will he also be rated by the DoD? Do they also have a 1 year 'assumed responsibility' like the VA? Trying to find out if...
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    C&P to IPEB Results - Predictable or Inconsistent?

    Got my C&P back and ready to send out to the IPEB (I already know I'm Unfit). Boxes are checked that translate directly to percentages in the VASRD, but I was wondering if there is any chance the IPEB decides to ignore the C&P and downgrade my ratings based on their own opinions. Is the IPEB...
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    Advice for New Folks; Auto-Immune MEBs and Recalls

    Warning: This is LONG, but well worth it. You might want to grab a beer or some popcorn before sitting down for this, or skip to the RECAP. I'm an AD AF pilot. I’ve been patrolling this site for a year now and I’ve learned some valuable lessons about both the DoD and VA systems. I wanted to...
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