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    HR 333 that provides Comprehensive Concurrent Receipt

    Support HR 333 that provides Comprehensive Concurrent Receipt Support Comprehensive Concurrent Receipt Rep. Sanford Bishop (Ga.) has introduced the "Disabled Veterans Tax Termination Act” (H.R. 333) that provides comprehensive concurrent receipt legislation that extends eligibility for chapter...
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    2013 Bills Chapter 61

    also; February 7, 2013 Nevada Senator Harry Reid today introduced The Retired Pay Restoration Act of 2013 (S.234) - “This legislation addresses an injustice against 625,000 disabled veterans across the country face,” said Reid. “For the past 122 years, Congress has repeatedly forced the bravest...
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    PEB 30% PERM / VA 90%,

    IPEB 30% PERM / VA 90%, USAF TIME LINE October 2011 - October 2012. :D Thanks to the information from this site, done.
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    PEB 30% PDRL

    PEB 30% PERM / VA 90%, USAF TIME LINE October 2011 - October 2012. :D
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    VA RATED ME AT 90%, BUT.....

    Thanks, And thanks to the PEB FORUM (Jason / Mike Parker) for all the valuable information!
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    VA RATED ME AT 90%, BUT.....

    Mike: No sir PEBLO said this today "It is a little different with the guard and reserves. VA spills the beans so to speak. Your packet should be forthcoming. I am obligated by the AFT to notify you within 24hrs of its arrival. Remember though once the VA is done with the packet it must still go...
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    E-Benefits Status Change Today What Next?

    USAF Aviator: I am going through the same thing (AFANG) I was told by the medical administration officer that it would take about 306 days to complete the IPEB. 210 days later VA has rated me at 90%, if estimates are correct I should be done by Dec 2012, I have excellent communication between...
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    VA RATED ME AT 90%, BUT.....

    The Post 911 house: Thanks for the reply; (FYI) I was active duty until Mar 29 2012 when I was put on INCAP pay (came off AGR orders still AF ANG now). I have almost 15 years active duty with full post 911 benefits; I’m over 17 years for guard retirement. (I’ve served in the Marines / Army/...
  9. bobcollier100

    VA RATED ME AT 90%, BUT.....

    I’m in the IDES system; the VA has not only rated me at 90%, but has already paid me? I thought I would have to meet with my PEBLO first? I guess I thought I would be informed about the military and the VA at the same time and not separate, is this normal? My main thought was how would I wright...
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    I wonder then if a person was diagnosed with fibromyalgia using the 11 out of 18 trigger points...

    I wonder then if a person was diagnosed with fibromyalgia using the 11 out of 18 trigger points would now be able to get rechecked for it again and resubmit? I was recently found to have fibromyalgia when I was going through my MEB in May 2012, so it does not apply to me but I know someone that...
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    Thanks for the info
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    Thank you sir for that information.
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    Don't guess I know what that is, my commander offered me the 15 year Air National Gusrd retirement and I agreed, but the medical officer put me in for the MEB.
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    I'm thinking I will probably get about 50% from the DoD, and it looks like 80-100% from VA? (see my list of ailments on maparker's post), I'm 53 been in Marines, Army, and now AGR AFANG, Well I was in Iraq in 2007 but didn't get shut down with my nero problems until may 2010, I was a bomb...
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    Well I'm 53 years old so I was thinking take the 15 year retirement at (5195 points) and just accept the VA, findings: Vertigo/ Bilateral mild sensorineural hearing loss/ Bilateral constant tinnitus/ fibromyalgia/ED/hypertension/degenerative arthritis of thoracoumbar spine (with decrease ROM)/...
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    I’m in the IDES system, and was wondering I have 14.4 years active with over 16 good years from the guard, now if I’m offered let’s say 30 percent from the DoD and 90 percent from the VA will I be able to just take the 15 year retirement in lieu of the 30 percent the DoD offered? Also if I...
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    VA disability rating of 90%, traditional Guardsman

    Question? Did you get a LOD (Line of Duty) for your injuries? If not get one, go see your Medical Group supervisor, Chief, Commander, Wing Commander…. Just tell them you have been found 90% disabled by the VA (or as the VA say, your 10% abled) ask the Medical group for advice on this issue, just...
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    If you have respiratory damage from burn pits, please read this now! You might want to look up this website and get registered, for awareness and legislation being sponsored by this group? ;)
  19. bobcollier100

    AGR title 32, MEDCON / INCAP

    Have all my LOD's about 20 something things wrong with me,waiting on Tinker for my NARSUM/ will be IDES, was told that on 28 MAR 2012 the title 32 orders I'm on would not be extended for me by the wing commander. He told me to see about MEDCON orders, LTCol medical group told me by email today...
  20. bobcollier100

    MEB Question

    MEB Question-Thanks Jason it worked.... My Commander extended my AGR orders until after the MEB. Thanks for the advice, bob.:o
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