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    A bit of insight from veteran- Separation pay timeline etc VA payment timeline...RE-3O denied orders

    Hey all, Just a little insight from me, I just got about about a month and a half ago and maybe this will help someone. From start to finish my IDES process took exactly a year from Feb 1, 2016 to Jan 1, 2017 and EAS Jan 30, 2017. I got Separation pay non-combat (enhanced). I didn't fight...
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    Non-Combat Related (Enhanced) Confusion & Clarification

    So I recently was separated with non-combat (Enhanced) severance pay. I've read a couple things on this but can't find black and white answers. I was rated at 0% DoD but 90% VA. So first what does the "enhanced" specifically mean? (I see a lot of the enhanced coming from the "combat related".)...
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    Severance and RE3O (Denied Orders)

    To anyone who has experienced this, or sees something that I cannot find.. If you have an RE3-O code in the USMC it states you cannot reenlist, extend, PCS, receive involuntary separation pay, or get promoted. Basically just EAS because you don't want to do what they want you to after 8 years...
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    PEB Delay/ System Change?

    Okay, numerous people on here are saying a DoD wide system switch or whatever this means is occurring right now and no one will get their ratings to sign for until after 9 Dec. I have not heard anything about this from a LEGIT source, I have contacted the PEB (USMC, Washington Naval Yard) two...
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    Non-Medical Assessments!!

    Just passing on some wisdom from my case and info I have from my PEBLO,VA and PEB contacts. To start: The NMA is the non-medical assessment from your commander stating if and how your injuries effect your job performance. This document is very important so do not overlook it. If you want an...
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    C&P Exams

    All, How close were you all to guessing your percentages in the terms of transparency with these results? I've looked through my results and think I have a clue, but on the other hand not knowing kills hahaha.
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    My Timeline

    I've been popping in and out of this site for a few months now and never thought I'd make an account but decided to go share my timeline with other fellow marines who are roughing it through this same asinine process I am. Those just coming in, beware this is not a transparent process at all, as...
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