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    Retired Pay

    I am getting conflicting information stats MEB @ 20 YRS 8 mo High 3 pay 5540 CSB redux took at 15 years 30% DOD 100% VA Separation date 7 April 2021 So people say I will only get 42.33% because I took redux others say I will get years of service at 51.68% but no one knows for sure...
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    MEB question.

    I finally started the MEB which was official on 11 May 2020, I have done all the briefs and they have all my medical records. And they are sending them to the MSC today. I also submitted my retirement on 11 April 2020. I will officially have 20 years on 17 July 2020. I am wanting to know if...
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    MEB Process

    I was referred to the MEB today, what can I expect for a timeline. Currently 19 yrs 3 month in the Army and I submitted retirement on 1 October 2019. I was told by S-1 today that the MEB takes precedence over my retirement packet. Any help is much appreciated
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    MEB Process Question

    Long story short, I was just 3P and referred to MEB. This happened May 10 2019. I have had 1 shoulder surgery and currently scheduled for a second one. I am active duty army with 18 years 11 months in. My question is what are the chances I will make it through the MEB process and still be...
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