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  1. tony292

    Sites to recommend and not recommend

    I used to always refer the many questions I get to the Site. It used to be very simple and informative and easy to research, but now they want you to sign up and pay for a membership. So now I’ll refer people to the VASRD VA site instead...
  2. tony292

    Disability update review short form 455

    So this is how the computer that reads a short form 455 decides whether or not to initiate a full CDR. The link: the pertinent info: Consider the following instructions when reviewing the mailer responses: • SSA-455-OCR-SM, Question 1...
  3. tony292

    Eligibile for tricare as dependent and TFL/medicare

    I’ve been CH 61 retired and SSDI/Medicare eligible for 5 years now. My issue is that tricare is now telling my optometrist that they must bill only under TFL/medicare. They are doing this so that I have to pay a copay. I am eligible for tricare as a dependent also under my wife who is AGR. This...
  4. tony292

    Tricare tells 600k they have covid
  5. tony292

    Naval academy 100% disabled parent questions

    So my daughter, age 15 wants to go to the NAval academy. She went for one week last year for Thier summer stem program and she’s decided she wants to go there upon graduation. I came across this on the application website: Children of POW, MIA, Deceased/Disabled Vets Children (biological or...
  6. tony292

    DBQs part 5

    Part 5
  7. tony292

    DBQs part 4

    Part 4
  8. tony292

    DBQs part 3

    Part 3
  9. tony292

    VA DBQs part 2

    tony292 submitted a new resource: VA DBQs part 2 - DBQ Read more about this resource...
  10. tony292

    VA DBQs

    tony292 submitted a new resource: VA DBQs - DBQ Read more about this resource...
  11. tony292

    VA mental health And PTSD DBQs

    tony292 submitted a new resource: VA mental health And PTSD DBQs - DBQ mental health Read more about this resource...
  12. tony292

    Free tool program for vets They send toolboxes full of new tools to those who sign up for them. They prioritize combat injured vets first but all post 9/11 vets can sign up.
  13. tony292

    Myhealthevet champva online refills

    Anyone using Champva for thier family insurance can now sign up for a myhealthevet account an d order refills online. You’ll have to have your doctor fill them with VA meds by mail. Using meds by mail is great because there are no copays. If you use champva for prescriptions at any retail...
  14. tony292

    Be careful on social media if on SSDI So it should go without saying, if you are disabled, don’t post pics of yourself running a 5k or digging ditches... big brother is always watching!
  15. tony292

    Pissed off about dental

    VA is really irritating me! Today they purposely called at 4 PM and left a voicemail that my upcoming cleaning appt (21 Feb) is cancelled... this is the third time they’ve done so, they cancelled on me in May and Nov last year!! So I called them back 11 times (in my defense they hung up on me...
  16. tony292

    Idaho property tax benefit

    For all those who have a Va letter that shows 100% rating and service connection. Does not say anything about PT, scheduler or IU. I’m taking advantage of this benefit this spring when I file for taxes:
  17. tony292

    Firing VA providers

    I’ve given VA mental health and primary care two years to properly take care of me and my health. They have failed repeatedly to do so, specifically when it comes to medication management. I’ve had hypertension very well documented by VA. The worst was 179/121... they refused to give me blood...
  18. tony292

    If. a changes diagnosis does that change ratings?

    So I have a referral to Portland VA neurology. This is for a second opinion of the diagnosis of myasthenia Gravis. If the VA changes my diagnosis, does that mean the ratings could change? I’m 100% PT for a combination of things.
  19. tony292

    MOAA storm the hill wants Our stories

    This will apply to those who have been medically retired under chapter 61. MOAA is looking for our stories so they can lobby on our behalf. They are saying that ending the “disabled tax” is their top priority this year. Link...
  20. tony292

    Help to stop drinking

    Anyone who has successfully kicked the alcohol habit please tell me how you did it. I’ve been drinking 2-4 fifths of whiskey a week for about 4 years now. I need to stop but can’t seem to.
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