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  1. Sethmeisterrr


    Ive seen people advise that as youre waiting for orders its a good idea to call the SFAC... What do I do if there is no SFAC for my instillation. I am stationed at Fort Sill. Please advise.
  2. Sethmeisterrr

    When does Disability start coming in?

    Right now I’m just waiting on my orders and plan on getting out as soon as I can after I get them (hoping it doesn’t take more than 2 weeks for my orders) My question is, after I’m fully out of the army how long does it take for disability paychecks to start coming in? Trying to plan finances I...
  3. Sethmeisterrr

    Signed my DA 199 now what?

    Signed that long awaited da 199 and I was told that it takes about two weeks to receive your orders... How accurate is that? Does anyone know if we have to wait the full 90 days to get out? say, for example if my orders said final day is December 30th and I only have 20 days of leave can I just...
  4. Sethmeisterrr

    PEB & Ratings.. when will they come

    The waiting is getting to me! Since the PEB decided it will no longer send fit/unfit memos ive been anxiously waiting for my ratings. My narsum was sent up on the 2nd of September. I called the va and they claimed my proposed ratings have been completed for some time (since the 11th of sep) and...
  5. Sethmeisterrr

    UNFIT MEMO (if youre waiting on your unfit memo you will want to read this)

    So... it actually upset me to get this news. Its been about two weeks since I signed my NARSUM so this morning sep 14th 2020 I emailed my peblo asking for an update on my Fit/UNfit memo. She replied with "Good Morning, As of Friday, September 14, 2020 the PEB will no longer be sending...
  6. Sethmeisterrr


    Okay so just to clear some anxiety... ive seen some posts saying that they signed their narsum and it was sent to the PEB a couple weeks later? I thought it was sent immediately? honestly I really am ready to GO lol anything to make this go faster. Anyone got a general idea of how long after...
  7. Sethmeisterrr

    Fort Sill Timeline COVID (mine but also looking for others timelines as well)

    16MAY- perm profile 02JUN- PEBLO assigned 05JUN- PEBLO made contact requested forms to initiate MEB 13JUL- (was gone for some time for personal reason) Scheduled my QTC appointments 11AUG- Finished my Final QTC appointment just waiting on my NARSUM 02SEP- Got NARSUM back only thing I had issues...
  8. Sethmeisterrr


    Im hoping the answers here helps others who have the same questions as me... About how long after you signed your NARSUM did you get your FIT/UNFIT MEMO? After being found UNFIT and getting your ratings what is there left in the process to do (im assuming you just wait for your orders and if so...
  9. Sethmeisterrr

    Whats Next?

    I FINALLY got my NARSUM.... Do you know what comes after I sign and get my unfit memo?
  10. Sethmeisterrr

    Does anyone have a full or partial timeline for FT SILL?

    I see lots of timelines for other stations. I am army and just wondering if someone who went through the MEB process at SILL can give me their timeline so I may have an idea of what mine may be?
  11. Sethmeisterrr

    Va rate possibility

    Hello! I had made a post about this and took it down right after due to an error... But im wondering if anyone has an IDEA of the possible rating I could receive for the things ive claimed on my MEB. I do understand it can all change etc but I was curious if someone might be able to give me a...
  12. Sethmeisterrr

    Predictions anyone?

    I'm going through the MEB process currently I just finished my last QTC exam and am waiting for my NARSUM. My question is whether or not in your opinion will I be found fit or unfit based on my referred injury? It is quite confusing but essentially I've been referred to the meb due to back pain...
  13. Sethmeisterrr

    MEB Timeline (COVID)

    Hello, Ive been reading a lot of threads on this website and the information is really quite useful! But things are a touch different during the pandemic so im wondering if anyone knows the General amount of time remaining after your last QTC exam? Frankly, I am eager fir the whole process to be...
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