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    Got my orders

    Well, got my orders for retirement 9Jun2021. Start terminal next week. It was a little less than a month after getting a JAG and re-signing my 4808. Thanks everyone for your help
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    CG Med Board Timeline

    So quick backstory, the doc requested TLD for my illness and it was denied with the request to go straight to med board. That started on the 5th of April, I just signed my Med board Narrative, no rebuttal, it said ability to continue to serve is poor, and recommend sent to IPEB. I had my Part 1...
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    Med board

    So been having some medical issues for the past year and a half, medical officer wanted to put me on TLD for a year, that was denied by PSC and they ordered the med board process to start. Anyone have any idea, if that means I am more likely to get tossed? Also, what is a realistic timeline.
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