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  1. maparker

    Successful IPEB Appeal for Genetic Condition PEB ruled EPTS

    With his permission, I have uploaded an IPEB appeal I wrote for a soldier. The IPEB found him unfit for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis but stated the condition was EPTS because it was genetic. This has been a continuing problem where the PEBs ignore well established law and policy on...
  2. maparker

    Looking for LOD cases Denied by the National Guard Bureau

    Folks, I am looking for cases where lower command levels have approved an LOD that was subsequently denied by the National Guard Bureau. Mike
  3. maparker

    In and out of the loop

    I am out of state helping my parents. My dad entered hospice last week. On the day he was released from the hospital, the nurse pushing his wheelchair clipped my mother's ankle and she fell down and broke her hip which lead to hip replacement surgery. I am at their house with my siblings...
  4. maparker

    Article on ABCMR
  5. maparker

    Looking for Cases of Duty Related Conditions Declared non Duty Related

    Folks, I am looking for cases in the reserves and National Guard where your duty related condition was deemed to be non duty related. This is to support media interest on this issue. If you have such a case, post the details on this thread and I will direct interested media to this thread...
  6. maparker

    Update on "Condition not a Disability" issue The article in the link is from last November. At this week's RWTF meeting, I discovered the Navy addressed the issue in a policy letter two week's later (attached). In addition, there may be an...
  7. maparker

    DoD Recommedations for Reforming the DoD Disability System

    Attached is my public forum statement for this week's Recovering Warrior Task Force meeting. Also attached is the DoD recommendations. Mike
  8. maparker

    new-cola-fix-creates-have-have-not-disabled-retirees See my comment to the article that lays out various disabled retiree inequity scenarios. Mike
  9. maparker

    COLA Fix Misses the Mark See my comment to the article. COLA reductions should not happen at all but to limit COLA reduction protection to only chapter 61 disability retirees further illuminates the ignorance of Congress on...
  10. maparker

    Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission Meeting For the folks in the Virginia Beach area. The Military Compensation and Retirement Modernization Commission(MCRMC) is having public meetings in the Virginia Beach area on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday night between 7 and 9 there will be town hall meeting at the Marriott...
  11. maparker

    Article on Discharges for a Condition not a Disability If you have any experience with this issue, please post it as a comment to the article as well. I will be directing as many eyes as possible to the article and its comments. Mike
  12. maparker

    Out of the Net

    I will be out of town on vacation until Labor Day. My ability to get on line will run from sporadic to not at all depending on location and events. Mike
  13. maparker

    Briefing to Recovering Warrior Task Force

    I was invited by the RWTF to brief them on my concerns and recommendations. Attached are the slides I used to facilitate that conversation. All was well received. time will tell if any of it translates into recommendations the RWTF makes to DoD and Congress. Mike
  14. maparker

    Briefing to the Recovering Warrior Task Force

    I have been asked to brief my recommendations to the Recovering Warrior Task Force (RWTF). This will likely occur on 17 April. I already have a long list of issues to discuss with them. I am soliciting other areas of interests to include as well. Please do not post long winded or detailed...
  15. maparker

    Army pushes VA to process disability claims faster How dare the Army blame the timeline issue on the VA. My comment to the article is below. Mike I am going to have to throw the B.S. flag. The Army and the United States Army Physical...
  16. maparker

    Military Wounded Warrior Director Resigns See my post to the article. Mike
  17. maparker

    New And Improved Servicemember Mental Health Review Act

    Congressman Walz is proposing a better version of his bill to expand the authority and duration of the Physical Disability Board of Review. Attached is the language of the bill. Congressman Walz's office is looking for cosponsors, especially republican cosponsors, to make this a widespread and...
  18. maparker

    PDBR to Review Mental Health Discharges See my comment to the article. Mike
  19. maparker

    PDBR Brief to Recovering Warrior Task Force

    The Recovering Warrior Task Force's (RWTF) next meeting is 4-5 December 2012. On 5 December they will be receiving a briefing form the PDBR. I plan to attend the this meeting and make a public forum statement about the PDBR. I have uploaded my public forum statement to this posting. This is...
  20. maparker

    Lawmakers: Review uncompensated mental health cases

    From this week's (29 October 2012) Army Times. This is good news and I hope it will pass soon and become law. Mike Lawmakers: Review uncompensated mental health cases By Patricia Kime [email protected] House lawmakers are pressing the Defense Department to review more than...