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  1. butterflykysses007

    VA Claim intro call

    I have been on TDRL since Aug 2014. I received a call from the local VA, stating that I have an appointment at the end of this to be re-evaluated. The next day I received an email informing me of an upcoming 15 min phone call scheduled for this Tuesday. What is the purpose of the phone call, and...
  2. butterflykysses007


    Hello All, I've been put on TDRL. I understand that you can be on this for a max of 5 years. I haven't received and appoint for my 18 month check up. I have been seeing a neurologist with no luck of finding something that works. I've also been going to counseling regularly. My question is how...
  3. butterflykysses007

    Letter from the DoD

    Hello All, first off id like to say thanks for all of the help these past few months. ok, just to catch you all up. Aug 28th was my last active duty day!! TDRL at 90%. If all goes well I will get my first disability pay Oct 1st. Today I received a letter in the mail from the DoD saying that...
  4. butterflykysses007

    Finally I have a rating!

    of course after I leave work. (at the hospital) I get "the call" lol any how she said the DoD rated me at 50% and the VA at 90%. I will be on TDRL. I'm trying to understand exactly what that means. I understand I will be re-evaluated in 18 months, but why? Do they think my migraines will...
  5. butterflykysses007

    Timing Question

    Hello All! Ok i have finally view my paperwork and it has been sent to Washington. My question is how long before I find out fit or unfit status? I've gone through all the findings and such and I have no idea what to think. They've also added Major Depressive disorder. Is this bad? It's so...
  6. butterflykysses007

    and now I start the Med Board process

    Well today my pcm told me he's putting me in for med board. He said being that I've had migraines for 5yrs with nothing working. Its time to face the facts. Here's my question- how is it determined that I'll be separated, temporarily retired, or medically retired? I've heard so many horror...
  7. butterflykysses007

    Medication Question

    Does anyone know the rules and regs of meds and arming up? Also, what does limdu mean for my career? Just thinking of this makes my head hurt. Phenergen and Amitiptyline can I take these and still arm up. I assume not, but im just asking.
  8. butterflykysses007

    I cant lose my job

    Hello All, This is my first time using this forum I hope I'm doing this right. Ive been in the navy for just shy of 6yrs. During this time I've been diagnosed with migraines and cluster headaches. I've been given all types of medication with very little relief. My last prescription was...