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    Emerald Coast Behavioral Health

    Hello everyone, i wanted to inquire if anyone has heard from anyone or have experience themselves being admitted to Emerald Coast Behavioral Health under the active duty resiliency program. I wanted to know if anyone has have any experience in regards to the program and facilities. I am so...
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    Possible outcome for Major Depression & Social Anxiety Disorder

    Hey bro, i think i am on the same boat or situation as you? I would like some advice. I too am in the Navy, rating Corpsman, and have suffered PTSD. They diagnosed me with severe reactions to stress. Please help me on this account. Thank you.
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    Wrong diagnosis for MEB

    Hello, i have a question. I am in the the Navy and i recently got put into medical board. However, i went through PTSD treatment and was diagnose for PTSD unspecified, just last year. But then, my psychologist put me in for a diagnosis on my summary statement under "Other reaction to severe...
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    Adjustment disorder instead of PTSD

    Thank you so much for your help.
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    Adjustment disorder instead of PTSD

    Hello everyone, I have a questions in regards to combating a diagnosis from a doctor. So, i was diagnose with PTSD last year(2019), However, to make story short, i came to a new command under LIMDU orders. Here, i was given a different psych doctor and then later on,(last month) i got put on...
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    MEB process initiated

    Well right now sir, she did end up putting me on a different provider because she ranked up or got put into a different position in the department. However, right before i got transferred to a different doctor she did submit my Medical Evaluation Board to the system. I looked at Tricare...
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    hello brother, you seem very knowledgeable about this MEB process. Currently i just found out...

    hello brother, you seem very knowledgeable about this MEB process. Currently i just found out that i have been put in Medical board about two weeks ago. The problem is that my doctor put me in for med board under a different diagnosis and now i am worried and anxious about my situation because...
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    MEB process initiated

    Hello everyone, I recently was put in for medical board about 2 weeks ago. I was transferred here in a Naval Hospital from my last command as LIMDU just this year on Feb for Orthopedics related. When i got here in the hospital i started seeing my psych doc as well for PTSD. Recently, my psych...