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  1. alphahec

    Got NARSUM wondering about ROM and other questions

    Either ROM measurements should come to 40%
  2. alphahec

    Knee ROM Confused And Need A Little Guidance

    0%, 10% each if pain is taken as a factor.
  3. alphahec

    ROM measurment please help

    Cervical 10% Right Knee 0%; 10% if Pain used as factor Left Knee 0%; 10% if Pain used as factor Ankles depend on ROM is considered Slight, Moderate, or Marked Limitation Left Shoulder 20% Right Shoulder 0%; 10% if Pain used as factor Right ulnar neuropathy - depends on extent of nerve damage...
  4. alphahec

    Adding a claim after sent to PEB?

    Won't help your PEB, but I can be rated by the VA...could help. But sounds like a rating of 0%, for the symptoms stated.
  5. alphahec

    Got my notes from recent C&P looking for possible ratings

    Seems like a 30%. Depending on what they wrote as frequency of the panic attacks. More than once a week will bring you to a 50%, less than that is 30%.
  6. alphahec

    ROM and potential rating

    40% - Forward flexion of the thoracolumbar spine 30 degrees or less
  7. alphahec

    Ratings help?

    Look up the ROM readings from your exam, and write the here in the forum for a estimate.
  8. alphahec

    Whats my rating for my back?

    Yep, comes to 20%!
  9. alphahec

    NARSUM ROM.....Post Fusion

    Yep, that come to 40%.
  10. alphahec

    Neurological Conditions

    The DDD, Herniated Discs, and IVDS will be rated to prevent pyramiding of ratings and the are all part of the same system (The Musculoskeletal System), but neurological conditions will be rated separately because they are part of a different system (Neurological Conditions and Convulsive...
  11. alphahec

    Just received my NARSUM.

    10% due to painful motion of the knee (38 CFR §4.59) Anything they took a ROM reading can have a specific rating according to VASRD, if it was annotated with pain you will receive minimum of 10%. Arthritis will usually have a minimum of 10% also. Other conditions such as PTSD or GERD, will...
  12. alphahec

    Just received my NARSUM.

    Cervical Spine - 10 % Thoracolumbar Spine - 40 %
  13. alphahec

    Findings from PEB, headed to VA. Question.....

    And you can apply for CRSC afterwards!
  14. alphahec

    If you have respiratory damage from burn pits, please read this now!

    It called a Environmental and Occupational Health Workplace Exposure Data (EOHWED) and it writted on a SF 600 by the area Bioengineering/Industrial Hygiene/Preventive Medicine or whatever your service calls it. These should have been issued for all personnel. I received on when outprocessed...
  15. alphahec

    going in for s sleep study

    You can't scam the sleep study, just follow the instructions they should have sent you. You either have it or you don't.
  16. alphahec

    Sleep apnea question

    If you are rated, let's say for PTSD/MDD and they prescribed you something like Ativan that aggravates your OSA. Then you can appeal on that basis.