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  1. alphahec

    Found this link on a MEB battle...

    Found this link on a MEB battle...
  2. alphahec


    US ARMY RESERVE MEB/PEB TIMELINE SO FAR: 31 OCT 2011 MEB Packet Received by RC SMSC, Pinellas Park 17 OCT 2011 LOD Approved 06 OCT 2011 MEB Packet Forwarded to RC SMSC, Pinellas Park 02 SEP 2011 IG Action Requested 24 MAR 2011 LOD Intiated 11 MAR 2011 MEB Referral 05 JUL 2010 PHA Completed
  3. alphahec

    LOD Timeline

    Does anyone know how long it takes for LOD Approval withing the U.S. Army Reserve?
  4. alphahec

    81st RSC MEB/PEB

    Has anyone gone through the MEB/PEB process with the 81st Regional Support Command?
  5. alphahec

    U.S. Army Reserve - 13 years enough for Disability Reserve retirement?

    I have 13 years in service (mixed active and reserve time) to include a deployment to OIF. Also, I am currently rated 30% from Veteran's Affairs for both mental and physical disabilities. I have a few specific questions: Can a Soldier be medically retired from the U.S. Army Reserve with...
  6. alphahec

    Medical/Disability Retirement

    I am a veteran of OIF 07-08, and I am currently have the following service-connected conditions: 10% for a Paravertebral muscle spasm with leftward disc bulge noted at L5-S1 level; mild thecal sac compression with minimal narrowing of the left neural foramina; early degenerative changes of the...