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    My stuff was done at Madigan Army Medical Center here on Ft. Lewis Wa.
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    Thanks everyone! That timeframe may seem short, but i've been in this process for over a year. What got held up the most was when my packet went to the VA for a proposed rating, they said it will take no longer than a month, which turned into nearly two months. If your packet is currently...
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    Congrats man! Not to thread jack, but i figure id post my results sense they came in today as well. Timeline as follows: Package received at PEB 11 April 2011 Unfit finding sent to VA 6 May 2011 Proposed rating sent from VA to PEB 20 June 2011 Received proposed rating today 23...
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    In case anyone is pending PEB at Ft. Lewis

    There is a man by the name of Dan who works at the VA in Wallerhall. I've called him to get a status on my packet but i get the generic answer of "its pending" and "you should hear something very soon". If you want, PM me and i'll give you his number.
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    In case anyone is pending PEB at Ft. Lewis

    Is your package with the VA for a percentage? The VA process is running 4 weeks. And of course its always a case by case basis seeing as there are tons of variables. I would assume you should be hearing from your PEBLO this week.
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    Preliminary Findings Back

    How long did it take to get your percentages back? And was it from the VA? I recieved my preliminary results on 6 May its nearing 2 weeks without an answer. Cheers! Tyler
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    Wow i was told 7-10 days.
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    In case anyone is pending PEB at Ft. Lewis

    My NARSUM went to the PEB on 11 April 2011 and i received an unfit finding 6 May 2011. That same day it was pushed over to the VA for my disability rating. My PEBLO said the VA is running about 4 weeks right now. So in 4 weeks i'll have my DA199 to sign.
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    MEB packet in Fort Lewis, what is the time line from there?

    Is that COMPLETE orders in hand. Has your packet gone to the VA for your disability rating?
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    April IPEB Packages

    Oh i hope the Army's timeline is a bit better at this point. If all i'm waiting on is the VA to rate me and ratings are coming back in less than 4 weeks at this point. I'm looking good. After that its out processing and terminal leave. The process has been ok to this point, i hope it keeps moving.
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    April IPEB Packages

    I never signed my unfit findings. I had preliminary findings which were unfit, it then got sent to the VA for my rating. My PEBLO made it clear that i wont sign my final package until its back from the VA and the PEB types my 199 (3-4 weeks at this point). After that its 7-10 days for orders out...
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    In case anyone is pending PEB at Ft. Lewis

    Thats strange because my packet was submitted in April and i recieved results back in May. Maybe its a case by case basis.
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    April IPEB Packages

    From what i understand my ratings will come directly from the VA. I'm in the pilot program so the PEB only makes a fit or unfit decision and the VA makes the percentage decision. That being said, i was found unfit by the PEB and my packet was sent to the VA the same day.
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    April IPEB Packages

    ARMY IPEB Sent to PEB 12 April 2011 Unfit finding for Asthma 6 May 2011 Pending VA Compensation 3-4 weeks to go.
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    Madigan PEB turn around

    I'm in the Pilot Program here at Ft. Lewis via Madigan Army Hospital. My NARSUM has been with the PEB for 4 weeks now. Whats the turn around time with the Madigan PEB for a fit/unfit decission. I know if unfit it goes over to the VA for disability compensation. But how long is this taking for...
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    questions under the DES pilot program

    From what i was told by my PEBLO is that if you are found unfit, its automatically sent to the VA for a rating. If found fit, it could be back from the PEB within weeks. If someone could chime in on this that would be great.
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    NARSUM Appt in May

    Give or take 6-8 weeks.
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    Phone meeting with Provider for NARSUM

    I just heard back from my tech regarding my appointment with my provider to incorporate the exam results from the VA into the NARSUM. That’s great news. Now the only appointment i can get with my provider is a phone call 3 1/2 weeks from now. OK.. if it isn’t important enough for me to...
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    P2 Profile: Grounds for MEB?

    Hi. When i finally got diagnosed with Asthma they put me on tons of meds. I went through countless amounts of medication until they found something that made it "stable". I kept asking about the MEB and talked to my PCM telling him that the medication wasnt working and i wasnt getting better...