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    PTSD and PDRL over 20 years

    I will be going through a PEB in the upcoming months and was wondering if the PTSD rating will be included at 50% if I am found unfit. Most of the posts I read here point out that most of the time PTSD percentages are tied to TDRL. I have been informed by Dr and MEB lawyer that since I am over...
  2. J

    C5-7 Fusion (over 20 years in Jan)

    I will have a double ACDF next month and was wondering if anyone could tell me if that would disqualify my for future service? I already had ORIF (Plate and screws still) in my ankle and now have a P2 for it (no running). I will have 20 years Active Service in Jan so when they do my P3/MEB I...