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  1. airbornemedic911

    CRSC for drone operators???

    From the orders moving me onto the PDRL, hopefully that explains better..? I’m assuming there’s technical reasons and hopefully the screen shot of my orders will assist to answer your question.
  2. airbornemedic911

    PDRL as of 28 FEB 2018, remained 100%. Previously: IDES initied JAN16. Utilized elections: IMR...

    PDRL as of 28 FEB 2018, remained 100%. Previously: IDES initied JAN16. Utilized elections: IMR, MEB, PEB, USAPDA. Final IDES paperwork completed, retirement, 214 in hand and TDRL official 22DEC16 as 100%.
  3. airbornemedic911

    CRSC for drone operators???

    A little late, however, GSFowler is spot on. I’m 100% by the Army and VA, and the max I am eligible to receive is 75% of my base pay. I retired with over 20 years. On a plus, since it related to war time service, my Army retirement is tax free, or I think that’s why it’s tax free.
  4. airbornemedic911

    CRSC for drone operators???

    Congratulations!! Did everything turn out as well as you were hoping for? Did the re-write by your MH Provider help?
  5. airbornemedic911

    IDES enroll JAN16. Utilized elections: IMR, MEB, PEB, USAPDA. Final IDES paperwork completed...

    IDES enroll JAN16. Utilized elections: IMR, MEB, PEB, USAPDA. Final IDES paperwork completed, retirements, 214 in hand and official 22DEC16.
  6. airbornemedic911

    APDA Guidance Requesting Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) Update

    I wrote my own letter/response to the USAPDA, I cited this memorandum, there was no favorable resolution of my case. The response from them was encouraging, but still did not help in the long run. I'm sharing so others understand things still don't always work out the way we would like them...
  7. airbornemedic911

    SSA: Adult Disability Listing

    Applying for Social Security Disability can be confusing for a lot of us who are unfamiliar with the process, well hopefully this will make the process smoother. The following link is from the Social Security Administrations, Adult Disability List. I hope this proves useful and good luck...
  8. airbornemedic911

    Advice on appeals

    Recommend you appeal. "Is the juice worth the squeeze?" - The Girl Next Door
  9. airbornemedic911


    The site is very helpful, I mention this site to any and every person when the topic of IDES, profile or similar is brought up. Appreciate the time you've put into this and creating the platform to seek info from.
  10. airbornemedic911

    Objective evidence - Neuropsych test

    There is more than a couple ways that are used to assess the residuals of TBI, for the purpose of keeping this short I'm going to share two common ones: MoCA and the RBANS. Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA): short exam, easy to conduct, takes about 10 minutes to administer, no additional...
  11. airbornemedic911

    Any reviews on NiCOE

    National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE).
  12. airbornemedic911

    Responsive and mobile site views

    Great source of information, I appreciate the knowledge I've gained from this forum. Re: the mobile version, would you consider building in the option for a user to switch to the desk top version? Or is there already this option? Working from the iPhone 6, I relate to the person who described...
  13. airbornemedic911

    Please give me some advise

    The lack of "negative" counselings is a plus in favor of you. Adhere to your profile, follow-up with your PCM. I'll never be a track star but I passed my alternate aerobic event of the APFT. I heard opinions as well, some people are unfortunately shallow and lack ability to express sympathy...
  14. airbornemedic911

    Unstable for Rating?

    PilothouseCanary: I went back to read your question, and realized I went way in depth and was more than asked about. To simplify: yes, you will be rated for the condition as it sits right now; since your therapy is ongoing your prognosis is unknown and prevents the permanent rating = TDRL for now.
  15. airbornemedic911

    Injury During BCT

    IMO, the Trainee will return to Jackson because its only CLV. Once back the Trainee will be evaluated to identify: medically cleared to resume training; not cleared; granted more time to heal on CLV or transferred to the FTU for rehabilitation if appropriate or once cleared will be processed...
  16. airbornemedic911

    Injury During BCT

    I can't tell if you have a question or if there's a point to your response. You've mentioned West Point in both of your posts, what role does West Point have in this?
  17. airbornemedic911

    Unstable for Rating?

    My item #1, I've received the same, TDRL with the same verbiage or words to those affect. Background: it began with two diagnosed conditions being comorbid, when the VA performed the rating additional diagnosed conditions were added based upon the examiner was not able to identify if one was...
  18. airbornemedic911

    Please give me some advise

    DISCLAIMER: it is known that foreigners have enlisted and once granted citizenship status are separated from the service. Is this being abused, sure is. Is this you, I don't know and can't tell, I am neutral in opinion. Serving in command positions is not always easy and requires a lot of...
  19. airbornemedic911

    Injury During BCT

    Orthopedic injuries account for a majority of those that are unable to train, after is usually soft tissue injuries. All BCT locations have Army National Guard liaisons, their mission is to serve as the go-between the Active Duty and National Guard. They are the link and are required to...