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    Retirment Date Extension=Ughhhhh!!!

    I provided my S1 w/ the required paperwork to have my Medical Retirement date extended by 30 days. 2.5 weeks later it was finally returned from Brigade (1st O6 in CoC). However, my final out was 2 days later. Obviously not enough time to have the Paperwork sent to Physical Disability Agency...
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    Reschedule/Extend Retirement Date

    I was under the impression, and from what I have read, the 1st O6 is the recommending authority but HRC has final disposition.
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    Reschedule/Extend Retirement Date

    I have orders w/ a retirement date of 26APR13. I have 87 days of leave (estimate). After Out-processing, PTDY, and 32 days of leave I will have to sell back 50'ish days (not countign accrued days while on leave). I have NEVER sold back leave. I do not wish to sell back 50 something days. I...
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    Not Service Connected??

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    Not Service Connected??

    I received my Final199 (23JAN13) and am satisfied w/ the results. I was medically retired @ 30%. However, I have point(s) of contention. I claimed the following: Left/Right Hip Condition Left/Right Knee condition My R/ Knee has underwent undergone three knee surgeries (1 ACL reconstruction...
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    Ft Carson Timeline (JBLM)

    Cmdrs Letter: 28AUG12 IDES started: 18SEP12 VA Exams: 15OCT12 NARSUM: 18OCT12 MEB Findings: 29OCT12 PEB Findings (Pre199): 06DEC12 Final 199: 23JAN13 (PEB Convened 18JAN13) VERY fast timeline. I was expecting the Final 199 to arrive closer to May13. I will be taking the full Nine days to...
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    Surgery the Assignment Instructions what to do?

    I am in the Army (intell). 4187 has been submitted w/ "assignment deletion". Company commander is recommending disapproval w/ answer that this is Big Army decision. He further thinks that medical is supposed to handle this request. There has to be an easier method to this madness. Ranger...
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    Surgery the Assignment Instructions what to do?

    Email was sent to branch and responded to w/ "complete 4187 and we will consider your request". To me that seems like the hard way to make it happen. Thanks for the help.
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    Surgery the Assignment Instructions what to do?

    I recently had spine surgery. I came up on assignment instructions. My surgeon and PCM are requesting that I stay at my current duty station an additional 6-8 months. Is a 4187 the proper way to request deletion of assignment? Are there any more options?
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    P3 since FEB11 Requested MEB from Command but...

    I have been on a P3 profile since Feb11. I am having Disc replacement surgery Feb15. On 07FEB12 I requested my command begin a MEB. However, I am also on Assignment Instructions w/ report date of June. 1. Will the MEB prevent or postpone my orders? 2. Will I have to follow through w/ the...
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    Considering Requesting MEB (More detailed version in the Army specific section)

    I am a 35S SFC w/ 9.5 years of service. I am stationed on an AFB and w/ the exception of my PCM see civilian Drs for most everything. My Hips, legs, and buttocks always hurt and b/c of multiple leg surgeries and back issue my hips are out of whack and gait screwed up. I have a knee and back...
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    35S4O MEB Amateur and Considering Requesting One (Kinda Long but informative)

    Not sure what info is pertinent. --Main issues-- I am a SFC w/ 9.5 years of service. I am stationed on an AFB and w/ the exception of my PCM see civilian Drs for most everything. Sinc I have had three knee surgeries on the same knee (Two ACL and One meniscus). I supposedly herniated my...