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    Just in case you wanted to stir the pot

    For all of my Air Force brothers and sisters out there that are fed up with the IPEB at AFPC and their utter refusal to update the IDES system so our PEBLOs have current information, I have an email address you might be interested in. Go to the global address book and look up AFPC/DPSDD. That...
  2. J

    Getting closer!

    Just checked ebenefits and Cleveland is finished with their procedural review with the status saying "decision notification sent". Now I suppose it has to go back to Baltimore and then to AFPC and then to my PEBLO for me to either agree or appeal. This has been a fairly long process in my...
  3. J

    MEB appointment on the 29th. What do I do?

    Ok, so I have my first MEB appointment with my PCM on the 29th. I have a fusion of my L4-5-S1, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, sleep apnea using a CPAP, and asthma, among other things. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers for me to get the most out of the service that so...
  4. J

    Is It Possible?

    I know we can't sue our military "doctors" or the DOD, but since suckcare south is administered by Humana, a civilian company, are we in our legal rights to sue the living crap out of them for denying procedures? Reason I ask is they are dragging their feet in approving my spinal fusion...
  5. J

    Totally Confused and getting angry

    Ok, a little backstory. 11 year TSgt, was diagnosed with Asthma in 2005, underwent MEB 2005/2006. Was returned to duty with mobility restrictions (no more playing in the sandbox). Since then I have also had surgery on my left rotator cuff, and in 3 days I will be undergoing my second lumbar...