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    TRICare Benefits Costs 345% Higher?

    Don't know how accurate this is, but according to this story, if all goes as President Obama plans, it soon looks like our DoD Disability Retirement will be needed to offset TRICare costs: Obama to cut medical benefits for active, retired military, not union workers - Spokane Conservative |...
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    AFRC Commander Directed Investigation

    My commander came out this weekend and briefed that AFRC has directed all commanders to initiate Commander Directed Investigations for any members on LOD that are suspected to be "milking" the system. Apparently some members have been found to be doing activities that violates their...
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    Free Help for Iraq and Afghanistan Vets (IAVA)

    A lot of you may not know about this website called but it is free to join (no dues). All you have to do is provide proof that you served in theater. From what I have seen there are a lot of perks and assistance avenues for veterans. I just signed up and sent them my DD Form 214 and...
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    All, I just posted a blog that contains info that may help those ARC members denied or kicked off of MEDCON. THey also contain info on LOD procedures and TAMP. Here is the link: USAF ARC MEDCON - HOT OFF THE PRESS! - Blogs - Physical Evaluation Board Forum
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    LOC from Commander - what can I do?

    Well, our Reserve unit is starting to crack down on Fitness Assessment failures. I have a profile for my back and can do waist measurement only. I received an LOC on Sunday (nice Christmas present from the commander) for failing my fitness assessment. The reasoning for my counseling is my...
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    Possible PTSD/Anxiety Order Finding Added to Existing MEB for DDD

    A few questions - I am a TR and was flagged on my last PDHRA that I may have mild PTSD and an anxiety disorder. The medical unit at my base is referring me to see an AD psychiatrist (I guess) for an evaluation. Ever since I got back from Iraq this past January, my family has told me I am short...
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    Second VA Claim - Did I Just Shoot Myself in the Foot?!

    Background: AF Reservist still drilling. Returned from deployment to Iraq in January 2011. Had back issues and a bad ear infection which caused tinnitus while deployed. Ear issues were documented in theater. After release from AD (another issue), I filed a VA claim for back injury. This was...
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    AFRC Undergoing MEB for AD Injury

    A unique question (maybe) - I am going to an AD Air Force MEB at Lackland for an injury I sustained while deployed to Kuwait on AD. When I see the AD docs and they review my records, will they find all conditions in my records to include with the NARSUM (active duty AND Reserve duty) and...
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    VA Disability Compensation Backdating to Date of Disability

    This sounded a bit crazy when I heard this, but I need to ask it here. I was talking with a Vietnam Vet last night who told me that if you were injured several years (or decades ago) while on Active Duty and filed a disability claim today with the VA, that claim could be backdated to the date...
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    Confused - VA Exam Today

    Hey all! Just had my VA exam today (not MEB related but will probably be referred to) for my back. When I got there, they did a full exam on me. I thought they were just going to evaluate my back. They looked me over and scheduled me to come back for audiology since I have tinnitus and...
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    Starting MEB Process - Need Advice

    While my package for the MEB is just now being started, I have some questions regarding how the process will work. I am an AF Reservist with around 17 years total AD time and just over 1 year IAD time. Total TIS is 27 years. Have several issues with my back that is triggering the MEB. I have...
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    Jason - I need your help please!

    Please PM me. I tried to send you a PM but your mailbox is full. I need to consult with you on a matter involving my case. Thanks!
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    Where Does the BS End???!!!

    OK - I am not new to this and have done a fair amount of reading. Long story short: Left AD in 1999 with 14 years AD time. Strained my back numerous times loading cargo onto planes - no documentation or visits to medical. On AD in 2005, I strained my back in Kuwait. Documented it on PDHA...
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    Activated Reservist LOD/MEB and ASTS Oversight!!!

    I am a 26 year TR that just returned from Iraq in January 2011 after a 4 month deployment and I am still on activation orders (downtime and leave). I had 14 years of AD time (1984-1999) and came straight into the Reserves. In 2005, I strained my back on active duty while deployed to Kuwait. I...