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    80% DoD - 100% VA - Retirement Pay Question.

    I'm confused and need some help. No one can answer this for me. I final out in a few weeks, and trying to buy a house. --Average high three for basic pay - 5955 according to myarmybenefits calculator --DoD disability percentage - 80% Permanent V/1 - Yes, V/3 Yes --Active duty years and months...
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    CRSC Calculation--REDUX

    I am a bit confused on the calculations, so I am looking for a bit of help. I received the PEB info and will be out of the military soon. 26 years 4 months active, divorced with a child (4y/o) - 100% VA and DoD, assuming 80% for the CRSC. I am aware that CRDP will be (probably) higher, but...