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  1. Jason Perry


  2. Jason Perry

    Prior AD (AF), Now ANG w/ 100% VA rating should I seek DES?

    Welcome, MCUSAF! I hope you find this community helpful. Based on the separate tracks that the DES works in (though, at times in parallel), and especially based on the administrative and evidentiary standards needed to reduce a rating on the VA side, it is highly unlikely that going through the...
  3. Jason Perry


    There have been major personnel changes at the Navy PEB. This includes at the higher HQ. the Navy Council of Review Boards (CORB). There have been retirements and replacements of senior personnel (one of whom was a former uniformed PEB President who is now serving as DoN Civilian). I am not...
  4. Jason Perry

    Proposed Rating

    If you are found unfit for any condition (but, in your case, it seems that is diabetes) if you want to challenge the rating assigned by either the IPEB or the FPEB,(applying the rating assigned by the VA DRAS) you will need to file a VARR (VA rating reconsideration request).
  5. Jason Perry

    Wollman v. United States

    Would need to see all of the details about your case to provide any input. Based on what you wrote it sounds like you waited too long (generally 6 years) to file a claim in the US Court of Federal Claims. In some rare instances, I have gotten client's cases heard in that court past six years...
  6. Jason Perry

    Thanks for asking! Yes, he left Afghanistan three days before the final departure of US forces...

    Thanks for asking! Yes, he left Afghanistan three days before the final departure of US forces from Afghanistan. It was before the reports of the bombing that killed the 13 heroes. It was clear he was safe at that time, but it was also a time of very limited communication. He is now in Kuwait...
  7. Jason Perry

    Afghanistan Withdrawal

    I wanted to offer just a brief comment on the withdrawal from Afghanistan. This is an issue that is now even more important to me as my son is currently deployed in Kabul. (He has been there for several months with his deployed unit; he is able to text and while he is tired, he is safe and is...
  8. Jason Perry

    Applying for Disability after 27 years?

    Not going to shill for my own gain here. Maybe contact Jack Gately (@johnbgately ). He is the only attorney, other than me, that I think really understands this area of law.
  9. Jason Perry

    Go to the FPEB Hearing or Walk?!

    @Kmr08n, I hope this helps. These are my thoughts about your situation. Understand, my thoughts are limited by the fact that I don't everything about your case and I am only going off of what you posted. You have maxed out your main compensation from what you posted. So this is a good place...
  10. Jason Perry

    TDRL C&P Exam

    I think you already decided your course of action based on the last post. Here are some comments based on the previous posts. I hope all goes well for you and you get what you are entitled to receive from your service! That seems accurate, however, it also seems "optimistic" that a rating...
  11. Jason Perry

    Did they use Presumption of Fitness as a basis for the findings?

    Did they use Presumption of Fitness as a basis for the findings?
  12. Jason Perry

    I would not say it's easy, but neither is it impossible (and depending on the facts, it may be...

    I would not say it's easy, but neither is it impossible (and depending on the facts, it may be very achievable). I wish I had more to tell you. The problem with weighing in further is that the issues are really fact-specific to the circumstances of your case. Many Vets are able to get...
  13. Jason Perry

    Medical retirement

    I am going to respond with generalities here because I am not sure what you would seek to appeal. (It's not clear what you would want to appeal- the unfit finding? Whether there are additional conditions that should be found unfit? The rating for any unfitting conditions? It is not clear what...
  14. Jason Perry

    Welcome our new Moderator- Provis!!

    I want to thank Provis for his offer to serve as a PEB Forum Moderator! This forum works only to the extent that members participate and offer experiences and tips about the process for members who may be facing disability processing. Provis has been a long-time member of the forum and he has...
  15. Jason Perry

    Concussion Syndrome denied, TBI residuals approved

    Sandsailor, Welcome to the PEB Forum! I will try to answer your questions based on what information you have provided. I hope all goes well for you! Your question is not very clear, but I think you are asking if the decision of the MEB or the Navy can impact your VA rating. If so, the...
  16. Jason Perry

    Medical retirement

    Edited my post, above.
  17. Jason Perry

    Medical retirement

    No, under 10 USC 1413a, “the Secretary concerned” is the military Service Secretary. The military determines entitlement to CRSC.
  18. Jason Perry

    Medical retirement

    I will try to offer some insight. The original question was not clear as to the focus of the VA "determination" being the combat-related issue. Seems to me that folks are asking good questions, and folks are offering good information. However, also seems that the main point or issue is not...
  19. Jason Perry

    Memorial Day 2021

    I hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day that includes honoring and reflecting on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our Nation. I have struggled at times with how we, as a Nation, observe this day. This is more so as to how those who have little connection to military service...
  20. Jason Perry

    Advertisments are gone- for now!

    Thanks to everyone who has donated. It is appreciated. Both on my behalf, but also for all the folks and their family members who are looking for information or help. I actually, once again, have some skin in the game. My son is deploying to Afghanistan soon (yeah, I know we are drawing down...