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  1. Manmumar

    VA Disability Travel Reimbursement

    Does anyone know if the travel reimbursements are considered taxable income? The answer may affect how I document and handle the checks I've been receiving after my exams and any future travel claims I may initiate.
  2. Manmumar

    How to Backdate VA Disability Rating

    I currently have a VA Disability rating for Service Connected injuries/ degenerations that occurred to my body. I was punitively discharged in 2007 and for that reason I didn't file with VA until early 2020. In late 2019 the BCNR determined under Secretarial Authority that I should instead...
  3. Manmumar

    Regulations to Support Promotion

    I have a friend who recently received notice from BCNR that his case was favorably adjudicated. His SCM conviction and resulting BCD was effectively overturned due to matters of injustice. HQMC called to let him know that they were processing his updated DD214 with RE-1 and Honorable...
  4. Manmumar

    Another Favorable BCNR anthrax case

    I just got news that I was able to help another Marine with his anthrax discharge. He was in similar situation: kicked-out with a BCD. After review, the board reversed the punitive reduction in rank, loss of pay and awarded him an Honorable discharge with RE-1 reentry code under Secretarial...
  5. Manmumar

    DFAS MyPay Duplication ?/<> Issue

    In 2020 DFAS completed their BCNR ordered audit to remit my backpay and allowances. In July they provided a computation table showing how they arrived at the figures. They also included a W2 tax form showing the appropriate deductions. A short time later, the net was direct deposited into my...
  6. Manmumar

    PCS Move Reimbursement

    Hi PEB'ers, Hoping I could get some assistance on this. I think I saw something similar but can't locate it at the moment. I'm a Marine Veteran with a complicated situation that is getting easier as I work through issues. I did a PCS DITY move in 2004 (on my own dime) and now that my case has...
  7. Manmumar

    MCCF, GI-Bill, Post 9/11 GI-Bill. How to Transfer?

    When I enlisted in 1999 I had an incentive for the Marine Corps College Fund, which provided up to 50k towards education. It was a "kicker" on the GI-Bill. One of the corrections that I received to my record and DD-214 was that I did in-fact complete the required $1,200 for the GI-Bill. I...
  8. Manmumar

    Settling Backpay with DFAS

    Persuant to the decision of BCNR, DFAS is trying to work out how much they owe me. I took off my uniform in 2003 so I'm a bit out of touch with the rules and regs. 1- I inquired about the annual clothing allowance. DFAS asked me for the relevant regulation covering this. I don't have an idea of...
  9. Manmumar

    MGIB and MCCF

    When I enlisted in 1999, I selected the options for Montgomery GI Bill and Marine Corps College Fund. For a long time, I wasn't eligible to use them but with the recent overturn of my 2003 court martial conviction I am again eligible. I don't know where to start the process. My intentions now...
  10. Manmumar

    Where is the Point of Entry for Correction of ALL Records?

    In 2003 I received a Court Martial which included a reduction of rank to E-1 and a Bad Conduct Discharge (BCD). It was finalized in 2007. Oct 30, 2019 the BCNR awarded a correction of my record to reflect an HONORABLE discharge, restoration of rank and ordered HQMC to review my records for any...
  11. Manmumar

    Burn Pit Act of 2019
  12. Manmumar

    BCNR Using FOIA

    I requested a copy of the board's decision on my case due to a clerical error with the copy I received. Instead of sending it to me, they replied saying that I needed to complete a FOIA request. Just thought everyone should know about this process. FOIAonline Home
  13. Manmumar

    DFAS Backpay calculations

    I came out of uniform in the summer of 2003. I legally became a civilian again in Spring 2007. After getting everything together and submitting a package the BCNR agreed with me and ordered a change to my DD214 discharge, separation code and rank restoration. According to the letter I received...
  14. Manmumar

    MARCORPSEPMAN 6421 question

    Can someone help me with the text of knowing exactly what Separation Code JFF1 and re-enlistment code RE-1J says? I haven’t been able to find them in the Marine Corps publication and I’m on my iPhone right now without desktop access. Google no joy either. Thank you Semper Fi
  15. Manmumar

    Agent Orange Funny Business

    White House responsible for delayed decision on new Agent Orange diseases, documents show <—-LINK
  16. Manmumar

    Possible Victory over Feres???

    Has the Feres Doctrine been finally taken to the outhouse and shot dead? US to pay Navy couple $11.5 million in Guam hospital malpractice case
  17. Manmumar

    VA is going to now pay your Hospital Bills

    Court orders VA to cover veterans’ emergency room debts
  18. Manmumar

    Former VA medical official charged

    Quoted from article: Former VA medical official charged in deaths of three patients
  19. Manmumar

    Marine Court Martial- Composition of Court

    I came across some information that I need to sift through but I need some help with a detail that will help me establish credibility of a witness’ recall of events and to be able to identify the participants in the witness story. The simple question is: Who at a Court Martial is authorized to...
  20. Manmumar

    What's the Law?

    I'm looking for the law that prescribes the time limits for the government (BCMR/ BCNR) to resolve cases. I seem to recall language similar to '80% of all cases in 10 months and 100% of all cases in 18 months', but I might be misquoting. I'm sure someone knows what I'm referring to. What is that...