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    SBP and VA disability

    So I was medically retired last month and am about to receive my first compensation payment. I signed up for SBP and was told payment would be taken out of my VA compensation. When looking at my bank account I see 2 separate deposits one from DFAS and one from the VA. Does this sound right? When...
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    Gross amount and net amount

    Recently just medically retired as of 28 Nov. went through the IDES. Generated a benefit verification letter and it shows the gross amount for the percentage and then the net amount. Could someone explain this to me? Why there’s a net amount less than the actual percentage rating. I had one...
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    VA final rating timeline question

    I just finished out my permissive and terminal leave and was officially medically retired on Nov 28. After submitting my DD214, I noticed on my claim case was closed from my MEB and a new one was opened with a tentative date of Dec 24 for the case being finalized. My question is...
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    Phone call?

    missed a phone call today from this number 18664001237. On the voicemail the person identified themselves as someone with the veterans affairs office, and addressed me by name, and wanted to go over benefits, the rest of the call was unintelligible. Kind of sounds like a scam. Anyone else...
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    Just received my DD214 parts 1 and 4. Where do I upload on ebenefits and which one? Thanks in advance
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    First VA pay

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I was medically retired and am on terminal leave until the retirement date, I’m officially retired Nov 27 2019. I know I’ll have to turn in my dd214, when could I expect to receive my first VA check? I’m guessing it will be around the January time frame.
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    GI bill question

    I’ve been in for 9 years, I transferred my GI bill to my spouse a couple of years ago. I also re enlisted a few years ago as well. That put me on track to reach 11 years for the transfer. I was medboarded recently and am getting out at the end of November. What is going to happen with the GI...
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    Place where ratings are handled?

    I remember my MSC mentioning the ones in the area being handled at providence? Does this sound right
  9. M and ebenefits

    When going through this process and awaiting ratings will the site update claim status?
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    IPEB question

    How long will a case sit at the IPEB before being sent to the VA?
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    Fibromyalgia timeline question

    My timeline is as follows: Diagnosed and referred 6 Feb 19 Contact made with PEBLO and IRILO questionnaire returned 25 Feb 19 Commanders Impact statement signed and returned-12 Mar 19 Case submitted to AFPC- 12 Mar 19 AFPC directs full MEB- 21 Mar 19 Met with PEBLO to go over MEB specifics- 22...
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    How does the severance pay work? I know it’s times your base pay if you have 8 or more years in. Do you get the option to take a severance check?
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    C&P Exams

    Got a question for guidance on this. So I’m in the IDES process for an MEB. I have my exams scheduled. What does one do if my shop starts giving me crap about attending these or the quantity of appointments due to “manning” issues?
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    How long did y’all wait to get scheduled for your exams after meeting with MSC? I met with him last week to establish my claims and haven’t heard from him since. Went to the transition center on base and I haven’t even been put in the system. I get the impression IDES isn’t efficient at all
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    Using Ebenefits during the IDES process

    Anyone have any experience with this? I know we are assigned VA reps on base during the MEB process. But my people are brand new, messed up spelling on the docs just wondering if it would be worth it to just claim all the stuff through ebenefits on the va website, upload the supporting docs and...