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    Is there any way I can get P&T?

    I'm 100% scheduler for 2 years... I could wait for another C&P however my family needs health care. That's why I want to get champva benefit. How can I request for P&T? Is there any certain forms?
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    SSDI and school.

    So, yeah... I'm getting VA 100% (not P&T) and SSDI. I'm planning to go college. However people said that when you attend school you won't get SSDI. Is it true? Can I still get SSDI payments while I attend college? I'm not going to take full courses because my disabilities. Probably online and...
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    I'm placed 70% from DoD.

    Hello, guys. I'm placed 70% from DoD and 100% from VA. I just got out on Oct from Army. Anyway, does it mean I'm permanently retired from army and can get paid 70% from army even though my VA rating may change(lower than 50%)? I'm really confused.. I cannot find anywhere that I'm placed on...
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    I was placed TDRL early in this year.

    I was placed TDRL on early Feb in this year, and i just got out of army yesterday. Can anyone tell me when is going to be my next reevaluation? I got 100% from PTSD and HEART problems. Im also getting ECT treatment and have memory problem because of that. Can I also apply this problem for...