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    Claim closed but says bel

    Hi everyone, So my claim was closed on March 31 but it only says bel. Does anyone know what bel means in va terms.
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    I can’t find any specific answers.

    I am under the impression that once they give you your proposed ratings you can appeal the ratings that they propose. Is this true or do I have to wait till I get unfit or fit from the meb. Just need some insight
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    Completed all c&p exams

    What’s next after that and how long will it take to hear back about a rating. Any information or personal experience is appreciated
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    Just curious

    Are you able to stay in the military if you get diagnosed with schizophrenia while in service? Any help is appreciated
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    Has anyone been rated for schizophrenia? Want to see if any others are going through a med board with the same diagnosis. What can I expect?
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    Currently going through a meb board in the USMC. I will update as time goes on. Dec 28 2020 referred to med board Jan 4 2021 spoke to lawyer Currently waiting for VA exams now