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  1. FmrArmyAvatr

    Army Grade Determination Review Board

    Have you thought about submitting a regular 20-year retirement packet? Even with and MEB at 19.5 years, it will most likely take over 6 months for the complete IDES process to take place in addition to any leave you have saved up.
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    Combat Related Back/Neck Conditions

    If a MEB/PEB determine your unfitting conditions are combat related, your retired pay and CRDP would be tax exempt. VA compensation and CRSC are always tax free.
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    Depression prior to joining?

    If your parents say it didn’t happen, then it didn’t happen.
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    Where can i accsess my da 199 form after being out dose theform only need two signaturse or am i supposed to get another coppy after singing it

    Your official military personnel record should also contain the completed 199. If you are Army, it’s in your OMPF. You can access it with your DS login.
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    Where can i accsess my da 199 form after being out dose theform only need two signaturse or am i supposed to get another coppy after singing it

    You can try and contact your former PEBLO. You may luck out that they have access to your records.
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    10yr AD Hydrocephalus discovery during MEB for MH

    Always put you and your health first. Hopefully your MRI can give you the answers that can help you move forward in the process. I also hope it shows nothing significant. If you haven’t checked with the MEB attorney yet, just give them a try and again, you can always decide how you want to...
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    10yr AD Hydrocephalus discovery during MEB for MH

    No matter what conditions or disabilities you have or are diagnosed with prior to you leaving active duty, the VA and Air Force can’t deny them by saying the condition or disability existed prior to service (EPTS)/entering the military. I would say most commonly occurs to junior soldiers for...
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    10yr AD Hydrocephalus discovery during MEB for MH

    Since I’m not sure which base you are at here are a couple of links to the Office of Airmen’s Counsel. If these are not your base, you can call them anyway and ask for the number of the office on your base (AF may have one consolidated office for the entire force). This service is free…again...
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    10yr AD Hydrocephalus discovery during MEB for MH

    I would get in contact with your service’s MEB attorney office immediately to review your case. The PEBLO is just an administrative paper pusher for the government. What service are in so we can help you get in touch with an attorney? or send me a PM with your base or post so I can find the...
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    10yr AD Hydrocephalus discovery during MEB for MH

    @Provis will possibly post more extensively after me, but since it looks like you have over 8 years of AD time, the hydrocephalus will be service connected. In previous VA rating cases on the VA website, hydrocephalus is treated/rated as a TBI. Personally, I would let your MEB attorney know...
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    FERS--Credit for Military Service--Retired Pay--CRSC (Odds & Ends)

    @RebelSam I can explain my situation concerning FERS. I am a Chapter 61 retiree with my referred conditions being classified as a direct result of armed conflict/combat-related injury. The attachment is the excerpt from my PDRL orders. These two lines on my orders are what the regulation...
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    What happens to VA claim after retirement/discharge?

    The VA already had all your C&P exams from your MEB. Since you didn’t file any new claims and you re-submitted all your DBQs, the VA is re-examining all the documents you submitted because they legally have to. Since your retirement date is 29 June, your first day to accumulate VA compensation...
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    Administrative Separation Pending Approval from Naval Personnel Command

    I would contact the base's separation office (or just go over there and ask) about your situation if you have not (this may be the Admin you already have contacted). Since the same office probably processes orders for both medical and administrative separations, they could possibly give you the...
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    Not Sure What to do.

    If you have a mental health provider, I would ask them to initiate the MEB for you instead of your PCM. This looks like a "save yourself" situation. Start thinking about you and your family's future and stop worrying about hurting people's feelings (PCM, CoC). At the end of this road, it will be...
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    Medical Sep vs Medical Retirement for CRSC and FERS buyback

    If your disabilities come back (hopefully) as combat-related, you do not have to wave your retired pay for FERS service. You will have to pay/make the deposit for your military service time if you do want to pursue a FERS retirement for your years of military service. You request DFAS to...
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    How are multiple DOD ratings combined

    DOD uses the VA combined rating table. Where the 50% on the left side column intersects with the 30% on the top row comes to the 65% block. 65% rounds up to 70%. So the DoD rating will be 70%.
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    CHAMPVA Deep Dive

    Yes its the same type attorney but just with a different name. The links below is some Navy/Marine info, but it sounds like you are already on top of it. I hope this goes in your favor, we are always here to assist.
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    CHAMPVA Deep Dive

    I can confirm that that the written appeal sent with your FPEB packet can result with the board granting your request without having a to go through the FPEB. This happened in my situation. Like @Provis said, with an attorney you probably have a good chance of getting this changed. Most of us on...
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    TDRL Re-evaluation - Can it affect my CRSC?

    I recommend you contact the Soldiers MEB counsel to at least get the documents signed so they can look at your case. They can review the revaluation documents from your appointment with the provider and give you their legal opinion and if you need any additional assistance or representation...
  20. FmrArmyAvatr

    If you are DOD TDRL/PDRL retired with less than 20 years of service please read.

    Senator Testor is in the spotlight right now with the Burn Pit law about to pass. Hopefully this momentum and publicity can get the MRSA into the NDAA or passed separately this term.