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    been off-line for a while

    hey guys, hope all is well here. i've been off-line for a while. my stuff is basicaly done. got my retirement orders (oct 24'th). just waiting on my 214. i just wanted to let you guys know i'm back and if i can be of assistance to anyone here, feel free to contact me. just wanted to...
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    well my MEB came back (submitted mid march). it came back 60% perm combined 40% back and 30% pain/anxiety. kind of a screwy rating. they did not address my OSA or neuro issue. i'm already getting 60% from the VA without my back and that's for PTSD: 50% and tinnitus: 10%. i already have...
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    STOP-LOSS application approved

    i just wanted to update you guys regarding the Stop-Loss application for compensation. i sent in my app about a week and a half ago along w/my DD-214. i was upposed to get out of AD in jan 2002 and got stop-lossed until april 2002. the form was like 1 page very basic/easy to fill out...
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    anyone else unable to view pics. that they posted on their profile here?
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    link to list of codes

    i found this link, it's just a numerical list of VASRD codes:
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    another VA math calculator

    here's another link to a VA rating calculator:
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    MEB after 4 years

    well i met w/my medical commander and the person who is the "go-between" to my PEBLO today. we did a conferance call w/my PEBLO and went over all of my NARSUM. so i signed my paperwork and it was submitted to my PEBLO on the spot. my unit will send my medical records to my PEBLO @ lackland...
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    just awarded 10% for tinnitus 0% for hearing loss, bt still in the DES

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone else had had this happen? i am in the DES @ the beginning of the MEB phase. just got back from lackland/wilford hall to have my MEB done over. i am already retired from my federal civ. job and i receive social security. all of this happened kind of...
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    just got back from wiford hall

    hey guys, it's been a while. i went to lackland (wilford hall) to have my MEB done over for the 5'th plus time. i was there all week. i had 1 appt./day (pretty skate);). monday i met w/a pain mgmt. doc (AF doc)who was great. he went over my records, films, etc.. i sat down w/him for...
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    has anyone had to go to wilford hall @ lackland afb to have their 2nd or 3rd MEB reconducted, due to our unit dropping the ball on your case? that's what they plan to do w/me. i guess they are in the final stages of setting up my appointments to see specialists? just a guess and i was looking...
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    comp and pen

    hello all, it's been a while. i had a comp and oen hearing a few weeks ago @ the boston VA on a saturday. it was a very indepth hearing test. i've come a long way from having nothing happening w/the DAV and VFW. so we'll see how it goes. illl keep you guys posted. hang in there and good luck
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    requesting a new PEBLO???

    just wondering if anyone has ever requested a new PEBLO. my new one @ wilford hall is very rude/condisending to me. i feel i have a good grasp on the "system" and when i ask her a question or even notify/update her re: my case she sends me nasty e-mails. @ this point in the game i really dont...
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    @ least some good news

    well my MEB is still on going. i have to go down to wilford hall. anyway, my civ. federal retirement came through. also i found out my social security came back favorable and they are going to retro-pay me from august of 2006. i just can't believe that i got both of these done before my MEB...
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    looking good j!

    site is finally up and running on my end!
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    had my social security hearing 2day

    well it's been about 2 years that i had be notified about being MEB'd and i applied for (SS) social security. i was origionally denied after about 3 months, appealed and got denied after about a year. i decide to hire a local lawyer that dealt w/just SS and was referred to him by a few people...
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    you guys won't believe this

    well today i get off the phone w/my new PEBLO and he states that my IPEB is ready to go to the board all i have to do is sign my 618. i ask him "but i already did that on 13 feb 2009, what has been going on for the past 6 months?" He had no clue. he is a new civ. that they hired so by no...
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    update on segways for vets

    just wanted to let you guys know that segways for vets has an online application now. it's a pretty easy application. they do their awards during the spring and the fall, so if you are having issues w/mobility this may be an option to help out. i gave it a shot so i will keep you posted. i'm...
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    gett'n close to gett'n some answers on my IPEB

    well, on friday i called the base that is handeling my PEB. i asked to speak w/someone other than my PEBLO who doesn't return my calls. they put me through to a civ. that they just hired to help out w/the PEB's. of course i get a voicemail. i was very surprised to get a return call 1'st...
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    23 weeks and 2 days w/no results

    well the title says it all. i actually lost count over the past few weeks. has anyone here gone this long currently? i gave up on calling my PEBLO on a weekly basis. he doesn't return calls so why bother. though i do have the bug and feel i wanna call him....just did as we speak. got the...
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    decided to take things into my own hands and came accross the AFWarrior&Care program

    i've been so sick of calling my PEBLO and not getting any response via: phone, voicemail, e-mail, fax, etc.. though i never tried a carrier piegon:) so on friday i decided to take things into my own hands and start making some call down to randolph to @ least get a status check on my IPEB...
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