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    My AF Timeline: Back (SCS Implant), Migraines & Failed Ankle Surgeries

    Do you all know which region your ratings are through? Mine was through the Providence VA and it was 35 days from the day my package was sent to the VA for ratings to when I signed my results. I was expecting to wait at least 2 months.
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    Timeline matching ?

    Every single case is different. My ratings came back pretty quickly while I've seen some people have been waiting 60+ days. I am surprised to see how long the PEB took in your case. That just seems quite unusual to me; unless of course they sent it back to your PEBLO for corrections or...
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    VA Claim status question

    I believe the second one shows up when the VA receives the request for ratings from the IPEB. The first should remain open until you retire/separate and your ratings are finalized. The second should close once they've assigned ratings and sent them back to the PEB. I could be wrong but that is...
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    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    I am at Fairchild. I know my stuff was processed through the Providence VA (which makes no sense to me). I had 16 claimed conditions. Shocked at how quick it came back with ratings.
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    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    Yes! The package was sent to the IPEB on 15 March. I am so glad to be one of the quick turn around cases. I dont know if I had it in me to wait much longer. Lol
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    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    90% DoD (PDRL) and 100% VA P&T !!! So relieved for this process to be over. Now I have about 17 days to outprocess.
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    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    My results are in! On my way to the PEBLO now. Fingers crossed!
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    New to the process MEB for Migraines and degenerative disc disease w/ETS Apr 2019

    I'm a little confused about where you are at in the process. If AFPC found you unfit then they send a request for ratings to the VA (not the PEBLO). If you haven't had VA appointments yet than you haven't yet reached the stage of fit/unfit determinations. I can upload a flow chart my PEBLO gave...
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    IDES - AF Timeline & VA C&P Exams

    Good luck! I'm just waiting for the PEB to send the official results now. It's so nerve wracking!
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    Fort Lee Timeline for Back issues

    My package was submitted to them for ratings on 18 March. My PEBLO told me that as of yesterday afternoon they have assigned ratings and send it back to the Air Force (I went to see her after I had noticed the claim status on changed to closed). I believe mine was processed through the...
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    Timeline Question:

    I am stationed in Washington state but my PEBLO mentioned that our VA ratings are done in Providence, RI. And literally right after I posted this I checked my and the status changed to closed. I went up to the PEBLO office again (I work in the clinic) and she said the ratings have been...
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    Timeline Question:

    My stuff went up to the VA about 18 March. My PEBLO said she expects to hear something this week (I had stopped by her office because I noticed the ebenefits status change to Pending Decision Approval). I am hoping she is right!
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    VA Back log

    Your local PEBLO emailed those waiting for ratings or the VA? Just asking because I haven't received anything. And although the status on ebenefits really doesn't mean much of anything, I noticed that Friday it changed to Pending Decision Approval. Probably just toying with my emotions!
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    No input from Commander

    Your signature must be on the NARSUM. You even get to make your own statement on it. My Commander (who knows me very well due to the position I work) put a recommendation of retain merely because he likes me and doesnt want me to go. I put the opposite in my statement because of my condition and...
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    IPEB Time

    They usually finish their part relatively quickly; you may not find out about it though as they won't send official notice until VA ratings are complete (if unfit). Mine only took a few days. Maybe after a week give your PEBLO a call and they can look it up.
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    How long of a wait?

    The VA average says 45-50 days, although I am hearing rumors that they are getting backed up and some folks on hear are at around 60 days. This is (in my opinion) the longest period of waiting during the whole process; unless you end up appealing anything.
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    Being Held Hostage!!! Help me

    According to the link posted by RonG... You should have had to sign a document for the extension. At least that is how I interpret it. I would definitely speak to JAG.
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    Unfit Determination and VA.Gov/E-Benefits Status Change Question

    You can call your PEBLO and they can look up whether or not the finding was fit/unfit. That is how I found out (no official notification) and am currently waiting for ratings from the VA.
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    Order of Events Question - Air Force

    That is correct. However, the fit/unfit decision is usually made within about 2 weeks, many times even sooner. If you call your PEBLO they may tell you the IPEB decision prior to the VA ratings (if needed). I haven't officially received the findings but I did ask and they told me they found...
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