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    I suggest really digging into AR 635-40, which is the disability regulation. Also start really digging into this forum and all the posts. A wealth of information is on here from individual posts to the uploaded regulations. First you need to have a Permanent Profile with a 3 or 4 in at least one...
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    IBS and presumed CRSC?

    Ron, Thank you for your information. Last thing I wanted was to give bad / wrong information.
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    IBS and presumed CRSC?

    By no means am I an expert on this topic. But the way I understand it, Persian Gulf means the war in the early 1990’s, as there was munitions that leaked chemicals and troops were effected by it. As far as combat related, the VA and DOD have very specific and stringent criteria and standards...
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    Assignment Instruction/Orders during PEB

    That’s great news that the MEB counsel is going to help. I completely agree with you on your justified reasons for not wanting that position. You are almost out anyways, it’s time to focus on you and your future.
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    Massive Veterans Affairs Evidence Intake Center Portal Backlog

    I was about to mail off my claim, as I am going thru the MEB portion of the IDES and the VA needed more information about my situation. Should I upload my claim to ebenefits. Or do you think it wot matter?
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    Assignment Instruction/Orders during PEB

    Heck, if you have new orders, then I think your golden, in my interpretation of the regulation and in my humble opinion. Just remember to kindly and gently show them the regulation. They won’t be happy that you have proved them wrong. Expect some pushback and blowback.
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    Assignment Instruction/Orders during PEB

    Honestly, I misread your original post. Your original post actually sounds like they want to assign you to a platoon leader spot within the same company? I originally read it as if they were going to transfer you to a different company to assume a PLT leader spot I am not sure if the references...
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    Assignment Instruction/Orders during PEB

    I would check AR 635-40 paragraph 4-8b and d. From how I read it, it restricts you from PCS and or transfer to a different unit. I could be wrong in my interpretation of the regulation though.
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    Army RCP vs MEB

    Army National Guard Title 32 AGR E6/SSG with 17.5 Active Federal Service years. I am receiving an Article 15 with intention of reduction of rank. Already received 1st reading and waiting on 2nd reading. While COC was deciding what type of punishment to do, I was given a P3 profile for BH PTSD...
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