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    Ratings Question

    I’m currently waiting to find out my results and they should be in in 1-2 weeks. But I was wondering if anyone has resources or prior knowledge for my ratings? Left patella tendinitis ICD: M76.52 Left fat pad impingement ICD: M25.862 Adjustment disorder with mixed anxiety and depressed mood...
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    How long of a wait?

    Just thought I would give an update. I called the PEB again and they told me they just got my package back yesterday so it should be completed in 2-3 weeks. My case was at the VA for about 36 days and I’m on day 59 from when my package was originally sent off. Though, I do have a question. Once...
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    How long of a wait?

    Hey all, my package was sent out to the IPEB March 5th and I called the PEB a few days ago and they told me the VA has it now. They've had it for about 15 days. Is there an average on how long the VA takes (I'm Navy, if that matters)? I tried emailing my PEBLO, but no answer all week. How long...
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    Thank you all for the replies! I got into contact with my ortho doctor and he’s going to make sure everything is started. I’m going to be getting some paperwork to take to the local MEB coordinator office so hopefully things will start moving. Do I need to bring anything else other than what my...
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    Hello all, I’m in the Navy and was told by my doctor that he would be initiating the med board process over a month ago, but I haven’t heard anything from him or my PCM since. I’m currently still attached to a ship, but they’ve sent me TAD while waiting, but I’ve heard absolutely nothing. What...
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    Need help with the whole process

    Hello all, A little background on me: I am in the Navy going on 4 years, currently attached to a ship. I first started having knee pain about 3 years ago and did the pills and physical therapy, but in the end I told my doctor I was good to stay in since I felt I was still too new to the Navy...
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    New here, usure of what's next

    Hello! Here's a background of my history. I am in the Navy and my knee problems started when i was finishing up A school for my rate (Aug 2015). I was in physical therapy/LLD from early Aug-mid Sep 2015 and got X-rays during that time which came back normal. The doctor diagnosed me with PFPS and...
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