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    Jason i need you help!!!

    Jason i just recieved my 199 , i really need your help to see if i should go to a Formal PEB Hearing. i was rated 20% for my shoulder, the VA code they used were the following 5299, and 5201. They referenced VASRD IAW 4.10, 4.40, 4.45, AND 4.59.i was wondering if you could further explain this...
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    Hello again, my PEB packet has been to Walter Reed for 5 weeks now. I had a lot of medical issues is that why it takes so long for my DA199 to come back. Some of friends got there DA199 in less then a week but they only got 10-20%. some my friends DA199 came back in 4 weeks and got a higher...
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    Question on The VASRD

    Jason thank you for the help, the numbers i gave you were for the (AROM?). The onset of pain measurements are as follows: shoulder flexion is 80 degrees. should be 180 degrees shoulder abduction is 80 degrees. should be 180 degrees internal rotation is 55 degrees. should be 90 degrees...
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    Hello again: Another question from my NARSUM. "It says SM needs corrective resconstrution surgey on my RT SHOULDER(Labrium repair and rotor cuff repair)" it also so prognois is fair with another surgey. Do you think i will get a decent rating with that. it also says i have chronic pain and will...
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    Question on The VASRD

    Thank you for your response, The shoulder flexion should be 180 degrees and mine is 120 degrees The shoulder abduction should be 180 degrees and mine 110 degrees The internal rotation should be be 90 degrees and mine is 55 degrees The external rotation should be be 90 degrees and mine is 75...
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    Question on The VASRD

    Hello all, i have a couple of questions when i looked on the VASRD for my ROM of results i could not find anything. My ROM followss: AROM ONSET OF PAIN PROM Shoulder to Flexion 120 80...
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    We'll good news my PEBLO called me today and tommorow at 0900 iam going to review my narsum. Then i will 72 hrs to agree/ disagree with it before i sign it. Is there anyone on this site that can look at my NARSUM for me just to see how it looks, i can remove any personal infomation from it, i...
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