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    Signature block has been updated with my timeline, received my Unfit ratings last week 70% DOD/100% VA TDRL, now the wait for retirement orders...How long does that normally take?
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    Poll for those who have been found fit

    For some reason it seems to me the Navy has the most “Fit” findings on this forum, please weigh in via the poll.
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    If found fit...

    If found fit and choose to separate do the VA C&P exams conducted during the MEB stand or do you have to refile your claims upon separation?
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    Commanders Impact Statement (Need help with Airman Acknowledgement Block)

    AD, MSgt, USAF, 12 years, Chronic PTSD So here is my CC Impact Statement: 1. Can Airman satisfactorily perform all primary AFSC in-garrison duties? NO Member Fails to meet retention standards detailed in 3PXX Classification Directory for retention of current AFSC. Specifically para
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    My Timeline

    AD, USAF, MSgt, 12 Years, Security Forces, diagnosed with Chronic PTSD 15 Dec- Code 37 20 Dec- Initial NARSUM Complete for I-RILO Commanders Impact statement pending Long way to go....
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