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    Help please, I'm stuck on the Severance tax issue

    So this is the situation. I was medically discharged from the Marine Corps last year after 12 years of service. The unfitting condition was rated at zero percent. I received a severance payment of 84k, of which, roughly 32k was taken out as taxes. I am wondering if I am entitled to amend my...
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    Post AD claims... Info Appreciated

    I am currently and active duty member that is at the tail end of getting medically separated from the Marines. That being said, i have heard numerous people tell me that as long as a condition is mentioned in your military medical record, then its infinitely easier to service connect it for...
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    Please Help with Contact Info

    Hi everyone, I have been going thorugh the nightmare of the new IDES system over the past 6 months. Needless to say i have no problem harrassing everyone every step of the way so my package doesnt just "sit" on someones desk without any action being taken. That being said I have finally...
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