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    Adjusting ETS date

    I received my final memo from USAPDA and it has the no later than date on there. Is there a way to get that adjusted to a later date. I am running into a problem of not being able to take all accrued leave because I have not received my orders and TMO says there is a 4week wait to get...
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    IDES Guidebook

    MEDCOM has released a guidebook for the IDES process. I've included the link below.
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    Army Directive 2012-22

    Unsure if anyone has seen the new Army Directive for PEB. Below is a direct cut and paste. It seems like they are changing up the requirements of the personnel required to conduct the board and the psychiatric diagnosis must be done by a dr. SUBJECT: Army Directive 2012-22 (Changes to...
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    VA Reconsideration of Ratings

    Has anyone requested a ratings reconsideration? If so, what was the timeline for it to be completed.
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    For the Commo Peeps worked with some of their guys seem to be a good company. mainly deals with SATCOM stuff but there are also LMR jobs and the behind the scenes stuff that make a company run. Figured I'd post this out there for those that might be a little lost looking for...
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    My Timeline (Ft. Knox)

    April 2011: AF doc submitted for MEB November 2011: AF doc resubmitted for MEB April 2012: Fit for Duty Eval at Ft. Knox 06APR12: Physicians Notification of MEB 11APR12: Commander notified of MEB 18APR12: initial PEBLO counseling 24APR12: Physical exam completed 26APR12: Physician called to go...
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    stolen valor act unconstitutional

    I know with the decision on healthcare reform, this issue has not received as much coverage so here's a link.
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    anyone in this process feel like getting "all stabby" at times or is it just me? (figuratively not literally, just for clarification) :mad:
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    So, I have spoken with JAG regarding my appeal/rebuttal and they feel I will have a difficult time getting the ankles changed to not meeting retention standards. My questions are as follows. 1. If the right and left ankle pain make it to where I can't do the swim event for the APFT, how does it...
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    NARSUM Review gotta give answer by 26MAY

    I received my NARSUM today and as I looked over it I noticed many discrepancies. The conditions listed as not meeting retention standards are bilateral foot pain secondary to congenital pes planus with sinus tarsi syndrome and pain status post reconstructive surgery with residual pain and...
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    little help with DA 7652

    slight back brief, flexible pes planus (surgery for both feet) new podiatrist says i have sinus tarsi syndrome/tendonitis/bursitis. was told to fill out the da 7652 and this is what I came up with. any advice would be appreciated to make the statement stronger. Also, I am in a special duty...
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    MEB Frustrations

    So back story is 08 left foot medializing calcaneal sliding osteotomy with sub-talar arthreoesis implants 09 right foot was done. In April 11 Air Force Doc (I'm AD Army 9 yrs this April) placed me on a permanent profile requesting the MEB be started and sent it off to Ft. Campbell. Come Dec 11...
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    EXORD 185_11

    Read today about EXORD 185_11, "The Chief of Staff directed his staff to reduce the non-deployable rate to 10% by 1 April 2012 in order to provide combatant commanders with trained and ready forces." They also posted a MOD 1 to the order, "which in part provides clarification on the start of...
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    MOS Administrative Retention Review (MAR2)

    While speaking with my SGM about my physical condition, bi-lateral pes planus with reconstructive surgery done, he informed me that there was a new program out that was going to take the place of the MMRB. I tried researching it on-line but didn't get much information on it. I was able to find...
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    I am in the Army and currently stationed at a Joint Command. I have been on temporary profiles since November of 2007. I have been told that i have plantar fasciitis by one doc and bi-lateral flexible pes planus by another. Have had bi-lateral calcaneal slides with arthresis implants to...
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