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    SCAADL after retirement.

    Hey guys, I have been receiving SCAADL for about 6 months prior to my medical retirement. I was recertified prior to my retirement date and my wounded warrior rep told me that I was all set to received it for 90 days or until something else changes my entitlement (I.e. VA caregiver program, or...
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    PERS Contact Info

    Anyone Navy people get a message from PERS with a TRDL date, if there is a POC on the message, can you provide it? I am just trying to track down my status in PERS, so I can make arrangements for my wife and kids for a living situations. Thanks!
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    Finalized PEB to TRDL Message Timeline?

    Ok, so I accepted my findings on APR 25th. I did put in a VARR, but I know the VA is done (no changes) and they have forwarded it back to the PEB (May 15th). From this point does anyone have any experience with how long it takes for PERS to send out the TRDL message? My wife and I are ready...
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    100% VA, Tricare, SSDI, and Medicare

    I have been trying to wrap my head around insurance as of lately. I have been on active duty so long now that Tricare was alway just "it", and I had nothing to be worried about. Now that I am about to transition out, I am completely lost on how health insurance will work in my case. Here is my...
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    Ratings are In, I have Questions.

    So my findings are here, and I was found UNFIT 70% DOD and 100% VA and recommended for the TRDL. My unfitting Conditions were TBI with Adjustment Disorder, Migraines, Cognitive impairment and Epilepsy. And the TBI itself was rated at 70%. In the VA proposed ratings, my TBI was rated at 70%...
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    Interesting twist in my timeline...

    I am looking to see if anyone else has run into this similar twist. My package was sent to the PEB Nov 30, 2015. It was sent to the VA Feb 8, 2016. Ebenefits shows a claim opened Feb 8, and closed Mar 11 (moved to historical) My claim also progressed to Pending Decision Approval Mar 11. Now my...
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